protection and swutchgaer

Course in Protection and Switchgear

This Course is Offered and Certified by uLektz Academy

About the Course:
This course provides students with concepts of Miniature Circuit Breaker(MCB)– Elementary principles of arc interruption, Current chopping and Resistance switching, Vacuum circuit breakers, Principle of operation and construction of attracted armature– Balanced beam– induction disc and induction cup relays and Differential relays and percentage differential relays

1.Will familiarize about Protection of lines: Over current– Carrier current and three zone distance relay using impedance relays–Translay relay
2.Will demonstrate Protection of bus bars – Differential protection
3.Will develop knowledge in Static Distance Relay

Topics Covered:
1. Circuit Breakers
2. Electromagnetic Protection
3. Generator Protection & Transformer Protection
4. Feeder and Bus bar Protection
5. Static and Digital Relays
6. Protection against over-voltage and grounding

Learning Content – 90 hours
Language – English
Certification – Learners will get the Certification after successful completion of the course.

Recommended Jobs:

Electrical switchgear and relay testing,relay testing, Electrical Engineer,  etc.,

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