Two BTech students of Kashmir create low cost ventilator using scrap items to fight Covid 19

Two BTech students of Kashmir create low-cost ventilator using scrap items to fight Covid-19

Two young BTech students of Kashmir valley have created a device that’s not only a boon to India’s healthcare system but also cuts down waste at a time when discarded marks, gloves, shields, PPE kits, and other Covid-19 paraphernalia are overflowing on the planet.

Sajid and Jehangir, both residents of Srinagar district, have invented a low-cost ventilator out of scrap items to fight against Covid-19. The device runs on the Internet of Things (IOT) technology and can be used by doctors to remotely observe patients through a WiFi connection.

Low-cost ventilator at only around Rs 5000

The young BTech students say, “We have made a low-cost ventilator which is IOT-based. Connected to the WiFi hotspot, a doctor can remotely monitor the patient, his or her ECG strain, humidity temperature, pulse saturation, etc. It will only cost around Rs 5000.”

“We have faced a lot of hardship while making this prototype product in lockdown because it was tough to get the items that were used in this low-cost ventilator,” they said.

What made them think of creating this product?

According to them, “During these tough times, when Covid-19 has been spreading all over the country, most hospitals are facing a shortage of ventilators to help the patients.”

“This is what motivated us to invent this low-cost ventilator. It has been made entirely of recyclable materials and scraps like soapboxes, old printers, etc,” said the inspiring BTech students.

These young innovators are hopeful that they will receive support from their government and their creation can contribute to India’s fight against Covid-19, though this device is still a prototype.

COURTESY – India Today


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