NATHEALTH Partners ACHE To Boost Healthcare Education In India

NATHEALTH Partners ACHE To Boost Healthcare Education In India

Under the agreement, both organizations will mutually strengthen healthcare systems by developing and providing leadership education and development experiences that will help in preparing healthcare professionals to become clinical leaders and improve patient care.A

The collaboration will bring in educational opportunities through in-person interactions.

The doctor-per-patient ratio and lack of skilled healthcare workers have been a long-standing structural challenge for India. While the pandemic has highlighted the need of strengthening the infrastructure in terms of beds and ICUs, developing a nationwide medical educational program for medical professionals and healthcare workers is the need of the hour. A

The aim of this strategic partnership is to provide a knowledge-sharing platform, which will enable different stakeholders to find solutions to the barriers of access to quality healthcare, ways to improve patient outcomes, and attain executive positions in healthcare settings and national medical societies.

“We are pleased to collaborate with ACHE on a very vital area of healthcare education. The second wave of Covid-19 has been an eye-opener for the medical fraternity. As we are preparing ourselves for a possible third wave of the pandemic and its subtle shift to an endemic, a lot of focus is on strengthening our systems to deal with the surge in cases- both for Covid and non-Covid,” said Dr. Harsh Mahajan President, NATHEALTH, in a statement.A

Courtesy – Ahmedabad Mirror


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