Analog Communications

Course in Analog Communications

This Course is Offered and Certified by uLektz Academy

About the Course:
This course provides students with concepts of Amplitude Modulation, Definition, Time Domain And Frequency Domain Description, Single Tone Modulation, Power Relations In Am Waves, Generation Of Am Waves and DSB & SSB Modulation: Double Side Band Suppressed Carrier Modulators, Time Domain And Frequency Domain Description, Generation Of DSBSC Waves, Balanced Modulators, Ring Modulator, Coherent Detective

1.Will familiarize about Narrow Band Fm, Wide Band Fm
2.Will demonstrate Transmission Bandwidth Of Fm Wave
3.Will develop knowledge in Threshold Effect In Angle Modulation System

Topics Covered:
1. Amplitude Modulation
2. DSB & SSB Modulation
3. Angle Modulation
4. Noise
5. Transmitters & Receivers
6. Pulse Modulation

Learning Content – 90 hours
Language – English
Certification – Learners will get the Certification after successful completion of the course.

Recommended Jobs:
Applications Engineer, Analog Layout Engineer, Senior Electrical Engineer – Digital/Analog, Principal Analog Engineer, etc.,

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