Heritage University event brings in record 861000 plus in scholarship funds

Heritage University event brings in record $861,000 plus in scholarship funds

Heritage University’s 35th annual Bounty of the Valley Scholarship dinner brought in a record of more than $861,000 in funds for student education.

The event, held virtually for the second year in a row on June 5, brought in over $832,000 in scholarship funds the night of, with additional funds coming in since. Funds raised as of Thursday surpassed last year’s amount by roughly $10,000, according to the university.

All funds go directly to supporting student scholarships.

Normally hosted at the Toppenish campus, the event was instead a one-hour television event on KAPP and KVEW-TV as well as the university’s website, as was the case last year. It featured video segments from past scholarship beneficiaries, local lawmakers and business leaders.

The virtual event can be viewed at the university website and contributions can be made by visiting www.heritage.edu/giving/scholarship-dinner.

Courtesy – Yakima Herald

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