YRL College Of Arts Science And Technology

YRL College Of Arts Science And Technology

About Institution:

Y.R.L. College of Arts Science and Technology is a Institute located at in East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh, India. It believes in overall development of the students by balancing academics, extra curricular activities, sports in the state of art infrastructure within the campus.


YRL Institutions are the visionary products of our Chairman Dr. Y. Manikyam, an eminent academician and a man of great vision and commitment. The Vision and Mission of YRL Degree College is to provide Qualitative and Relevant Education to the Students, especially belonging to the Remote, Poor and Weaker Sections of the area. The College is now affiliated to Adikavi Nannaya University, Rajahmahendravaram, w.e.f. 2012-2013. The affiliating University prescribes Syllabus which is set in tune with the needs of the present students. The Departments in the College chalk out an Annual Curricular Plan which is a guiding principle for Teaching and Learning process. In YRl, each Faculty has the responsibility to mentor a group of students. The students are coached not only on Academic activities but also on Extra curricular activities. YRL faculty helps the student identify his or her Personal Goal and motivates the Student to grow by participating in Cultural, Sports and Extra Curricular activities.

The College was started with Under Graduate Courses i.e., , B.Sc., M.P.C., along with this conventional course Modern Courses like B.Sc. Computers Science (M.P.CS., & M.E.CS., ), B.Sc – Bio-Technology, B.Com Computer Applications and BBA(Bachelor of Business Administration) are provided here. Feedback on Curriculum is collected from Students and Staff. With a view to developing awareness among Students, issues like Gender Equality, Eco-Consciousness, Human Values, Technical and Soft Skills, Community Service are made a part of the Academic Transaction in the College. At the beginning of every Academic Year establishes a number of Committees which supervise the Academic Transaction and other Activities in and out of the Campus. The Clubs / Cells established in the Institution – Women Empowerment Cell, Eco Club, Red Ribbon Club, Y.R.L, Consumer Club, Career Guidance Cell, and Placement Centre – organizing various and varied activities in order to realize our Objectives.

Programmes Offered:


The YRL Degree College of Science and Technology has five Departments, which offers three Courses i.e., B.Sc., M.P.C., along with this Conventional Course Modern Courses like B.Sc. Computers Science (M.P.CS., and M.E.CS).

  • MPC (Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry)
  • MPCS (Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science)
  • MECS (Mathematics, Electronics and Computer Science)


The The YRL Degree College of Life Science has two Departments, which offers one Course i.e.,

  • B.Sc. – Bio-Technology.
  • B.Sc.(BT)(Bio-Technology, Zoology and Chemistry)


The YRL Degree College of Commerce and Management has 2 Departments, which offers 2 Courses i.e., B.Com Computer Applications and B.B.A(Bachelor of Business Administration).

  • B.Com.(Computer Applications)
  • B.B.A(Bachelor of Business Administration)
Contact Details:

Call: 0884 2327990
Website URL: http://yrldegreecollege.com/CONTACT.HTML
Campus URL: https://bit.ly/3yWHPk1

For any technical support or queries, please contact support@ulektz.com.

Visit us at https://www.ulektzcampus.com/

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