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Rajarajan Academy – Campus Lite App

uLektz, a SaaS based EdTech startup is pleased to announce a new technology partnership with Rajarajan Academy. This partnership will enable Rajarajan Academy to implement a digital learning platform, create engaging learning and teaching environments, improve academic and administrative efficiency and drive students’ success.

About Rajarajan Academy

Rajarajan Academy, Chennai was established in 2006. Rajarajan Academy, is an education and Charity Trust established to render high quality education. Rajarajan Academy is one of the largest conglomerates of reputed universities in Southern India for distance education. Rajarajan Academy serves as a high tech study centre for Indian Universities especially Alagappa University, Madurai Kamaraj University, Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, in the areas of higher education to provide quality services to the student community. Rajarajan Academy has been enrolling students at various levels including certificate, diploma, postgraduate diploma, under graduation, post graduation in Arts, Science, IT, Paramedical and Management programs.

About uLektz Connect:, a SaaS-based Students, Alumni and Industry Connect platform is being used by 2500+ colleges and universities worldwide to drive improved institutional outcomes, ensure success for every student, showcase their thought leadership and enable success for the institution. It also helps colleges and universities to score higher CGPA in NAAC and stay aligned with the recommendation of NEP, UGC, AICTE.

uLektz platform can be accessed from Desktop, Laptop, Tablets, Smartphones, iPhone and iPad using Web browser. It can also be accessed using Android Smartphones, Android Tablets, iPhones and iPads using respective the Mobile Apps for offline access.

Some of the key features of this proposal uLektz Connect platform are:

  • Cloud-based Platform with Mobile App: Provides cloud-based SaaS platform with Android Mobile App white-labelled to institution’s brand.
  • Digital Records of Students and Staff: Helps create and manage profiles and digital records of all the students and staff of the institution.
  • Alumni and Industry Connect: Facilitate students and faculty to connect with alumni and industry for professional development and social learning.
  • Digital Library: Provide a digital library of learning resources such as ebooks, videos, lecture notes, journals, etc., for your students and faculty members.
  • Online Skill Courses: Provide Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) to students and faculty for skilling, re-skilling, upskilling and cross-skilling.
  • Educational Events: Organise and conduct student and faculty development programmes such as symposiums, seminars, conferences, workshops, etc.
  • Online Tests: Help students practice and prepare for various competitive exams, entrance exams, placement exams, etc. through online preparatory and mock tests.
  • Communication and Collaboration: Stay connected with all the members of the institution through instant messages and notifications.
  • Internships and Jobs: Facilitate and support your students with internships and job placements opportunities specific to their academics, skills, interests, location, etc.

What we are offering:

1. Rajarajan Academy with their own mobile App and online application system to manage their administrative tasks such as admission process.
2. Helps to increase memberships and manage their members’ profiles.
3. Helps to stay connected with their members and help them connect with each other.
4. Can send instant messages, updates, notifications, announcements, etc.
5. In addition to this, the system provides them with a Digital Library of Learning Resources with 5000+ ebooks, videos and journals, Online Skill Courses, and much more with complete backend support.

Visit and login to your account to explore the system. To know more about Rajarajan Academy visit You can download the app at

For any technical support or queries, please contact
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