IIT Gandhinagars camp to introduce school students to cognitive science AI and neuroscience 2

IIT Gandhinagar’s camp to introduce school students to cognitive science, AI and neuroscience

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Gandhinagar’s Curiosity Lab and Centre for Cognitive and Brain Sciences are hosting an online camp to introduce cognitive science, artificial intelligence and neuroscience to children, teachers, and parents.

Aimed at school students of classes 8-12 besides teachers, parents, and scholars of education, the objective of ‘Camp CogSci’ is to generate excitement, curiosity, and have fun during learning. The sessions are aimed at introducing students to the professional and educational possibilities that exist today within the field of Cognitive Science.

Jaison A Manjaly, Principal Investigator, Curiosity Lab, IIT Gandhinagar, said, “Curiosity Campus offer an opportunity for students, teachers, and parents to explore the possibilities offered by Cognitive Science in various domains of society, science, and technology. The Curiosity Camps aim to introduce novel perspectives in learning while building awareness of the multiple career paths that exist and are supported by institutions such as the IITs”.

The participants can learn about the mysteries of the brain and gain awareness of scientific research and opportunities. The camp also creates opportunities for school children to interact with faculty from institutions of higher education.


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