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uLektz Wall of Fame will be honoring “Top 20 Eminent Librarians in India “ for the Year 2021

The library is the door that opens the world of wisdom for us and it is librarians who are the key through which we unlock this door. Without librarians, we would be lost. It is librarians who enhance the student’s engagement with learning, keep the students grounded with the latest happenings in the education world, and capture the essence of wisdom through periodic updates and advice on what’s trending. Without librarians and libraries, students, staff and education faculties will not have a place to go to quench their thirst for knowledge. And it is our pleasure to launch this month’s Wall of Fame award for Librarians.

By honoring the contributions of librarians, uLektz aims to motivate and promote the library as a space for nurturing young students’ imagination, critical thinking abilities, the development of a collaborative spirit, and the encouragement of innovation.

Additionally, uLektz wants to celebrate the idea of libraries as enriching, learning communities as they have the potential to not only support the curriculum but also be classified as collaborative learning zones that centre on critical-reading activities.

uLektz Wall of Fame is proud to honor the librarians across India for their outstanding services and exemplifying acts of leadership to the education profession.

Please submit your nominations by completing the online form.

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Guidelines for applying are:

  • Member who has shown utmost dedication in empowering students through education.
  • Member who has re-modelled the existing system to solve challenges faced in imparting quality education.
  • Member who has done quality research in imparting education.


  • Selected nominees’ profiles and photographs will be posted on our website.
  • Soft copy of award certificate.
  • A recognition and testimony that will enhance credibility, reputation, pride and raise the visibility of success.
  • A token of appreciation for your contribution.

Mode of Selection:

  • Submission of nomination is free and open to all librarians across colleges in India.
  • The selection committee will evaluate the application form.
  • The committee will then select the final list based on teaching experience and research achievements like publications and books.

Last date for acceptance of nominations: 25th January 2022

Announcement of “Top 20 Eminent Librarians in India ”: 31th January 2022