Karnataka students to get professional training for filing professional courses applications says Education Minister

Karnataka students to get professional training for filing professional courses applications, says Education Minister

Karnataka’s professional training: Karnataka Higher Education Minister, Dr CN Ashwatha Narayana, directed the officials to conduct special training for students about filing an application for professional courses. The education minister directed the Director of the Department of Pre-University Education to conduct special training for students at respective college levels about filling in applications in an appropriate manner while submitting for CET/NEET/JEE through GET SET GO.

Karnataka’s professional training: About this initiative

This step was taken after witnessing the problems faced by the students at the time of seeking entry for Engineering, Medical, and other professional courses through examinations conducted by the Karnataka Examination Authority (KEA).

Students at that particular time make mistakes while filling in columns such as Annual Income, Category, Name, Date of Birth, Course Selection, etc.

Karnataka’s professional training: How does it help?

To ease the hardships of students, the Karnataka government, which keeps all the things in front, took the decision. As it helps in avoiding such mistakes and thereby increases the chances of eligibility for professional courses, training needs to be conducted.

Karnataka’s professional training: Awareness through social media platforms

The Education Minister has also directed officials to create awareness for students on different social media platforms.

Courtesy: Indiatoday

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