University of Essex offers free data science and analytics training to students

University Of Essex Offers Free Data Science and Analytics Training to Students

UK-based University of Essex has announced ‘Data for All’, a free data science and analytics training programme for every student at University of Essex. The aim of the programme is to impart essential data skills to students at no additional cost to their study.

“We want to ensure every Essex student has the chance to study an element of data whilst they are with us. We offer this Data for All programme which delivers a suite of data skill options depending on the student and what they are studying to help prepare them for the world of work and improve their employability skills,” Madeline Eacott, pro-vice-chancellor, said.

According to the official statement, the three-pronged approach of the programme means University of Essex students can access a whole range of data programmes, tailored to their individual data needs, and to improve these skills.

The statement added that for students wanting to have data science and analytics as the key focus of their degree, Essex offers a wide range of specific courses, while for students who want data to be part of their degree but not the main feature, there is the opportunity to gain advanced data analytical skills within their degree programme.

Further, students who wish to take non-data focused degrees but are interested in enhancing their data skills to improve their employability, they can take part in a wide range of extra-activities including a basic introduction to data skills short course and a data science boot-camp, the statement said.

Furthermore, the statement mentioned that the Essex data analytics community includes Maria Fasli, executive dean for the Faculty of Science and Health, who is UNESCO chair in Analytics and Data Science. The statement added that Essex is part of the Essex Centre for Data Analytics partnership with Essex County Council and Essex Police – a programme designed to share data ethically and combine it with the experience of people and communities across Essex, to create powerful insight and inform policy decisions.

Courtesy : Financial Express

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