Why were NIT Srinagar students barred from watching the India Pakistan match in groups

Why Were NIT Srinagar Students Barred From Watching The India-Pakistan Match In Groups?

Did you catch the India versus Pakistan cricket match yesterday, August 28? Well, the students of the National Institute of Technology (NIT) in Srinagar were asked not to watch the Asia Cup match, not in groups at least, nor post anything related to it on their social media platforms, stated a report in PTI.

It was by the Dean of Students’ Welfare that the notice was issued. The administration of the institute asked students to remain in their rooms during the match. Plus, they were discouraged from letting other students into their rooms and watching the march in groups.

“Students are aware that a cricket series involving various nations is going on in the Dubai International Stadium. Students are hereby directed to take sports as a game and not create any kind of indiscipline in the institute/hostel,” the notice read.

“If there is a group of students watching the match in a particular room, then the students to whom that particular room is allotted will be debarred from the institute hostel accommodation and a fine of at least Rs 5,000 will be imposed on all the students involved,” the NIT said.

Students weren’t allowed to post anything on social media about the match or step out of the rooms during or after the match.

It may be recalled that back in the year 2016, clashes had broken out at the institute between outstation and local students following India’s defeat to the West Indies in the T-20 World Cup semi-final, leading to a closure of the NIT for days.

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