IISc Bangalore students declared winners of James Dyson Award national category

IISc Bangalore Students Declared Winners Of James Dyson Award (National Category)

Two engineering students from the Indian Institute of Sciences, Bangalore have been announced as the national winners of the James Dyson Award for the year 2022. They innovated ‘EpiSHOT’ — a single hand-operated autoinjector to deliver emergency medicine intramuscularly or subcutaneously to treat life-threatening situations like anaphylaxis (or allergic reaction) with the provision for reloading and sterilisation for reuse within two minutes of first use.

Arjun and Krishnan will receive prize money of approximately Rs 4.6 lakh and will get to represent India in the international round where the final winners will be picked up by Sir James Dyson himself. The international shortlist will be announced on October 12, and the international winners on November 16.

Arjun and Krishnan plan to further modify EpiSHOT further for commercial use. The step will enhance the manufacturability, reliability, and portability of EpiSHOT while reducing the cost of the device.

“India till-date does not have an immediate solution to anaphylaxis, which shows preponderance for the age group 20 – 40 years. Due to existing market monopolies, huge price tags of single-use autoinjectors and safety concerns for self-use, there remains a greater need for a safe and cost-efficient solution. EpiSHOT aims to bridge this gap,” said Arjun.

He further said that the James Dyson Award will be the stepping stone in getting EpiSHOT recognised.

More than a 100 tests were done on tissue phantoms to ensure complete safety of use, told Krishnan. The team is looking at potential pharmaceutical partners to use the technology for allergic and other drug delivery applications. The team is also developing similar technologies compatible with intradermal (DermiSHOT), subcutaneous, and intramuscular injections.

The other innovations that bagged the second and third prizes were the thermal floater and Kudarat bioleather.

James Dyson Award is an international award given by the James Dyson Foundation to encourage aspiring engineers, to apply their knowledge and discover new ways to improve lives through technology.

Courtesy : The Indian Express

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