IIT Madras becomes first Indian institute to join IBM Quantum Network 1

IIT-Madras Becomes First Indian Institute to Join IBM Quantum Network

The Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (IIT-Madras) has joined the IBM Quantum Network, and has become the first Indian institute to do so.

This network aims to advance quantum computing skills development and research in India. IIT Madras will now get cloud-based access to IBM’s most advanced quantum computing systems. It will also get to explore practical applications of the technology.

The Centre for Quantum Quantum Information, Communication and Computing (CQuICC) at IIT Madras has been developed to focus on advancing core algorithms in research areas such as Quantum Machine Learning, Quantum Optimization, and applications research in finance.

They will use IBM Quantum services alongside the open-source Qiskit framework to explore areas such as quantum algorithms, quantum machine learning, quantum error correction and error mitigation, quantum tomography, and quantum chemistry and to advance and grow the quantum computing ecosystem in the country. The researchers from IIT Madras will advance the research for domains that are relevant to India.

A course on quantum technologies under NPTEL has already been launched that aims to set up an IITM-IBM quantum innovation hub at IIT Madras, varsity’s director Professor V Kamakoti informed.

IIT Madras is focusing on developing various facets of quantum technologies including secure quantum communications, quantum sensing and metrology, as well as quantum computing and quantum information theory at CQuICC

IBM managing director, Sandip Patel said that he believes that this collaboration will make India one of global powerhouses in computing.

Last year, IIT Madras joined IBM’s quantum education programme to provide its students and faculty access to IBM quantum learning resources, quantum tools, and quantum systems for education and research purpose. In August last year, IBM Quantum and IIT Madras also jointly offered a course on quantum computing on the NPTEL Platform to over 10,000 participants.

Courtesy : The Indian Express

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