Delhi University aspirants befuddled with marks system slam CUET on social media

Delhi University Aspirants Befuddled With Marks System; Slam CUET on Social Media

Disappointed with the results of the Common University Entrance Test (CUET) 2022 and the lack of clarity over the admission process in colleges, students on social media expressed their concerns and confusion over their choice of college, on Friday, September 16.

One of them, Surbhi Tiwary said students were clueless about the admission process and some of them were forced to settle with a local college and not one of their choices, as stated in a report by PTI.

“CUET was the biggest disaster. Students who otherwise would have been sure of their future and college according to their plans, are now clueless. Even the brightest ones do not have an option now except for doing their UG from a local college which hardly makes any sense,” she wrote on Twitter, as per PTI.

After the CUET results were declared early Friday, UGC Chairman M Jagadesh Kumar said universities will prepare rank lists for undergraduate admissions on the basis of “normalised” scores for parity between marks and not percentile or raw marks.

Kumar told PTI that the scores were normalised to provide a level playing field for students who wrote the exam in the same subject on different days or in different shifts.

Students’ woes

Another student Shrabani Singha, who scored an average of 88 percentile after normalisation, wondered if she can get admission to any of the Delhi University colleges under the current method.

Arya, another such student, who claims to have scored full marks in Political Science in raw score, wrote that his percentile was reduced to 88.9 after normalisation. “I had to appear for the exam twice because one of my exams was cancelled. I can’t believe I will not be able to get into Delhi University,” Arya wrote, as per PTI.

He added that CUET and the National Testing Agency (NTA) have “shattered all his dreams.”

“This normalisation of marks ruined everything for me. With full marks in two subjects and few mistakes in others, my percentile did not even reach the 90-mark. I worked so hard. My life is ruined,” Arya wrote, as per PTI.

With similar concerns as Arya, another student Ramandeep Singh asked why his score was reduced “in the name of normalisation.”

“I scored 200 out of 200 in Business Studies but after normalisation it has been reduced to 186. Please tell me what I could have done to get a 100 percentile? I have studied all day, all night and lost around 50 marks in the normalisation process,” Singh wrote on Twitter, as per PTI.

Sumati Kapur, who also appeared for CUET and is unhappy with her results, wrote, “When I checked my answer key earlier, it was showing that I had almost no wrong answers. How come I scored so less?”

Another disgruntled student, Bhanu Malavaliya, questioned the normalisation process and called the results “unfair.”

“What kind of result is this? Is this what we call normalisation? Hundreds of marks have been deducted in the name of normalisation. Was it our fault to be in phase one? Dreams of thousands of students got shattered. This is not fair. We want justice,” Malavaliya wrote, as per PTI.

Faria Jahan claimed that her score was reduced to 730 from 785 after normalisation. She said, “The results have made us believe that hardwork doesn’t matter any more. Normalisation was just for a few! Answer key was the worst. I feel shattered completely,” as per PTI.

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