IIM Kozhikode to soon open campus in Dubai Director

IIM Kozhikode to Soon Open campus in Dubai: Director

The Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode (IIM-K) hosted its first-ever ‘masterclass’ in Dubai (UAE) recently. Around 100 participant leaders from corporate world — CEOs, CXOs, Educational Leaders, Health Care Professionals from the GCC countries were part of this exclusive workshop.

Prof. Debashis Chatterjee, the two-time Director of the Institute, also revealed that the institute is now planning to take the Indian Institutes of Management brand to the world. The director shared that the management school is currently in talks with various stakeholders in the UAE to internationalise the management brand with the Indian influence growing on the world stage.

“We see Dubai as a place for experimentation and business innovations. So, if you embed a school here our faculty will also get exposed to the global stage. Therefore, it makes sense for IIM to be here. On many counts, one of which is Dubai is a cosmopolitan place from all over. We recognise that the number one foundation for Innovation is diversity. Uniformity is a killer,” he said.

He also added that even with the physical complications that the experts are aware about, he is hoping that digital can be the perfect launch pad for IIMs global foray into Dubai.

The institute has also recently added 50 supernumerary seats for excellent foreign students, with the aim of aligning IIM Kozhikode’s motto of ‘Globalizing Indian Thought’ with the ‘Study in India’ programme of the government of India.

“Currently, there are mid-career bureaucrats and diplomats of 30 different countries under the Ministry of External Affairs undergoing training in Kozhikode to look at how India creates innovation and social capital. This is gaining momentum as India increasingly becomes an aspirational space for many countries. They look to us to guide them as to how to take their country forward,” he added.

Courtesy : The Indian Express

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