NCrF will boost per capita productivity enhance economic convertibility of education Education Minister

NCrF Will Boost Per Capita Productivity, Enhance Economic Convertibility of Education: Education Minister

Union Minister for Education and Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Dharmendra Pradhan Monday at an event said that the National Credit Framework (NCrF) will boost per capita productivity.

He said, “it will provide us with an opportunity to recognise applied aspects of knowledge and skills. It will create new possibilities for lifelong learning and skilling. NCrF will boost per capita productivity, empower all and lay a strong foundation for India to lead this century.”

Pradhan underlined that the National Credit Framework will be a key for enhancing the economic convertibility of education, bringing a vast majority of our population under the fold of formal education and skilling, achieving Gross Enrolment Ratio targets.

The union minister for education was participating in the stakeholders’ consultation on draft NCrF at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.

He said that NEP 2020 envisages universalisation of credit framework for removing barriers between knowledge, skills and employability, establishing a credit accumulation and transfer system for all kinds of learning for ensuring seamless mobility between learning and skilling pathways.

“In order to reap demographic dividend we have to provide a level playing field and equal opportunities to all. This can only be achieved by recognizing, accounting and formalising all kinds of conventional, unconventional and experiential knowledge repositories,” said Pradhan.

Courtesy : The Indian Express

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