Telangana 85 of Category B MBBS seats in private colleges reserved for students from the state

Telangana Medical Education More Accessible for Students From Economically Disadvantaged Backgrounds

The Telangana Government has consistently worked to increase the number of medical seats in the state, which has significantly increased over the past year. Telangana has earned sixth place on the list of states with the most MBBS seats because of its 6,040 medical seats, which is also an advantage for students from economically disadvantaged groups in achieving their dream of becoming doctors. A medical seat in the state has even been allotted to a local student with a rank of 8,78,200 stated a report by The New Indian Express.

It is noteworthy that Telangana has 19 MBBS seats per lakh population, which is higher than any other state. The state now has one of the best systems for medical education because of a number of government decisions. As many as 1,150 additional MBBS seats have been added as a result of the opening of eight new medical colleges in the state. Additionally, increasing reservations for scheduled tribes (STs) to 10% from 6% has made it possible to accommodate more students, as it has offered more than 85% of B-category seats for local students.

It is good that women are showing the upper hand in securing MBBS seats. For the year 2022-23, 62.68% of the convenor quota, 63.73% of the management quota and overall 62.98% of the total 6186 seats. The state of Telangana continues to lead the nation in medical education because of the decisions made by Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao, stated Health Minister T Harish Rao, who provided a detailed overview of this development. “Students have to go to distant countries like China, Ukraine, Russia, China and the Philippines to study MBBS education in unfamiliar languages due to cost and effort. However, now, not only parents are getting relief from the financial burden but also the opportunities to pursue doctor’s education within Telangana have increased. Medical services are also reaching the people of remote districts,” the Health Minister said, as stated in a report by The New Indian Express.

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