Kerala Governor hints at referring Bill intending to remove him as Chancellor to President

Kerala Governor Hints at Referring Bill Intending to Remove Him as Chancellor to President

Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan has hinted that he would be referring the Bill passed by the state’s Assembly for his removal from the post of Chancellor of state universities to the President of India.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, January 5, Khan said that “authorities superior to him” must take a decision regarding that legislation. “I cannot take a decision on that because it involves me. Therefore, authorities superior than me should take a decision. My job is not to run the universities. Universities will be run by the vice-chancellors. The job of the chancellor is to protect the autonomy of the universities and ensure there is no interference in the universities.”

Meanwhile, an official source told PTI that the Governor has signed all Bills, except the one pertaining to the appointment of the chancellor, which was passed by the Assembly in December 2022. The Kerala Legislative Assembly on December 13 last passed the Bill to replace the governor as the chancellor of universities in the state and appoint eminent academicians in the top post.

The Bill was introduced in the House amid the continuing tussle between Khan and the Pinarayi Vijayan government over various issues, including the appointment of vice-chancellors of universities. According to the Bill, the government shall appoint an academician of high repute or a person of eminence in any of the fields of science, including agriculture and veterinary science, technology, medicine, social science, humanities, literature, art, culture, law or public administration, as the chancellor of a university.

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