Heres why you need to be curious about IIT Gandhinagars Curiosity Conference

Here’s Why You Need to be Curious About IIT Gandhinagar’s Curiosity Conference

Starting August 12, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Gandhinagar will be conducting a conference on curiosity. That’s right, the conference that the IIT will be hosting revolves around the theme of curiosity and the very important role it plays when it comes to enhancing education, learning, research, workplace and beyond, informed an official recently.

Curiosity is a potent catalyst which implores one and all to seek knowledge or explore new opportunities so that they can broaden their horizons. This is often ignited by awe or even ambiguity and propelled by the excitement of discovering new ideas or exploring more avenues to enhance one’s own creativity and problem-solving skills, the official explained.

“The purpose of this conference is rooted in the belief that curiosity plays a vital role in advancing individuals’ perspectives on the world,” said Jaison Manjaly, Professor at IIT-Gandhinagar and Principal Investigator at Curiosity Lab.

“The two-day conference will bring together researchers, educators, teachers and industry professionals from India and abroad to discuss the role of curiosity in research and practice,” he shared.

There will also be hands-on workshops, talks, poster sessions, exhibitions and more.

Kushal Sacheti, Founder and President, Centre for Curiosity, said, “It is widely acknowledged that curiosity has long served as a powerful driving force behind personal success. However, our understanding of its true nature remains limited. This upcoming conference is poised to address this knowledge gap by inspiring scientists to delve into this emerging field of research”.

Courtesy : Edex

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