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CRI Irvington Postdoctoral Fellowship Program 2019 by The Cancer Research Institute, USA

CRI Irvington Postdoctoral Fellowship Program 2019 by The Cancer Research Institute, USA


A scholarship worth INR 40,68,000

What is the CRI Irvington Postdoctoral Fellowship Program 2019?

The Cancer Research Institute, USA invites applications for CRI Irvington Postdoctoral Fellowship Program 2019. The Fellowship Program supports qualified young scientists at leading universities and research centers around the world who wish to receive training in fundamental immunology or cancer immunology. The selected candidates can avail a fellowship of up to USD 59,000.


Who is offering this scholarship?

This scholarship is being offered by the Cancer Research Institute (CRI), USA.


Who can apply for this scholarship?

The following applicants are eligible for the scholarship: 

  • Must be working in areas directly related to Immunology or Cancer Immunology
  • Must have a doctoral degree by the date of award activation and must conduct their proposed research under a sponsor who holds a formal appointment at the host institution


What are the benefits?

The following benefits will be received by the selected scholars:

  • A stipend which will be disbursed in the following way:
  • USD 55,000 for the first year
  • USD 57,000 for the second year
  • USD 59,000 for the third year
  • An allowance of USD 1,500 per year is allotted to the host institution for use at the sponsor’s discretion to help pay for the fellow’s research supplies, travel to scientific meetings and/or health insurance.

Note: Deductions for administrative overhead are not allowed from either the stipend or the institutional allowance. Payments are made monthly in U.S. currency to the host institution.


How can you apply?

Follow the steps to apply: 

Step 1: Print the application form and fill in the relevant details carefully.

Step 2: Obtain signatures for the Institutional Certification section from the following individuals:

  • An Internal Review Board (IRB) or certifying officer who can attest that the proposal is in compliance with government and institutional regulations
  • The institution’s administrative officer
  • The institution’s financial officer 

Step 3: Scan the duly filled application form after getting it attested.

Step 4: Create an account on the online application system.

Step 5: Log in the portal and submit the application.


What are the documents required for the CRI Irvington Postdoctoral Fellowship Program 2019?

The following documents are required to be attached along with the application:

  • PDF application form, beginning with the cover sheet. Make sure all signatures have been obtained for the third section.
  • A brief description of the applicant's background and research accomplishments.
  • A List of other funding sources to which applications have been or will be submitted, with due dates.
  • A brief summary of the applicant's projects, including a description of how the proposed research is relevant to understanding the role of the immune system in cancer and/or the treatment of cancer through immunological means.
  • Abstract of research in non-technical English explaining the importance of the proposed research and its potential clinical relevance. The abstract will be used for fundraising purposes and submitted to CRI’s lay Board of Trustees.
  • Research proposal not exceeding 6 pages inclusive of tables and figures, exclusive of references.
  • Letter from the sponsor introducing the applicant and describing the sponsor’s qualifications to direct the proposed research. The letter must contain an assurance that the applicant’s project will be conducted under the direct supervision of the sponsor.
  • Curriculum vitae, bibliography (limit bibliography to past 5 years or to publications relevant to proposed research), and a list of sponsor’s current research support.
  • Two letters of recommendation. One letter must be from the applicant’s thesis advisor.

Note: Applicants who received an M.D. or otherwise who do not have a thesis advisor should have some other qualified individuals submit this letter. The second letter should be from an individual well acquainted with the applicant’s work. The sponsor may not submit one of these letters. If the sponsor was also the applicant's thesis advisor, the applicant must contact CRI for further instructions.


Terms and Conditions

  • Applicants with 5 or more years of relevant postdoctoral experience are not eligible, with the exception of M.D. applicants, who should not include years of residency in this calculation.
  • Only in exceptional circumstances will applicants who have already spent 3 or more years in a sponsor’s laboratory by the start date of fellowship be considered for a fellowship award.
  • The Letter of Recommendation should be submitted directly by referees via the web as a PDF. On Page 5 of the online application, specify e-mail addresses for those providing letters of support.
  • Any documents the applicant attaches to his/her online application form must be typed single-space using a 12 point or larger font size.
  • Applications must be submitted electronically. Paper applications will not be accepted.


Contact details

Cancer Research Institute

National Headquarters, 29 Broadway,

Floor 4, New York, NY 10006-3111Phone: 800 992-2623




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Up to INR 40,68,000





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