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uLektz News is an International Education News Portal. It is an initiative of uLektz that aims to build an ecosystem of higher education by connecting all the stakeholders of higher education and providing them with appropriate resources for enhancing education, skills and careers. uLektz platform is being used 1 million+ students and educators from thousands of colleges and universities worldwide. uLektz News help our users stay updated with latest news, current happenings, expert opinions, best practices, innovations, etc., in academia and industry.

If you’re an education institution or an organisation with some interesting and exciting news to share with the world, we would be happy to help you spread and promote your news article. We can also help you in marketing, branding, advertising and promoting your institution or organisation by publishing your news articles and press releases, and featuring brand stories or interviews of your key management member/s or expert faculty on our news portal

Articles from Educational Institutions

Many educational institutions use uLektz News to promote, market and/or advertise their:

  • Courses, scholarships and other offers for increased admissions
  • Contributions in the field of education and research
  • Services and contributions to the society
  • Innovative teaching and learning practices and methodologies
  • Innovations, achievements and awards as Press Releases
  • Initiatives for developing skills of both students and faculty members
  • Associations with industry players to support students with internships and job placements

Articles from EdTech Companies / NGOs

Many EdTech companies and Not-for-Profit Organisations use uLektz News to promote, market and/or advertise their:

  • Companies, and their vision and mission
  • Products, solutions and services
  • New updates, offers and press releases
  • Innovations, achievements and awards as Press Releases

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