April announcement

uLektz Wall of Fame is proud to announce “Top 20 Thought Leaders in Higher Education” for the year 2021

uLektz Wall of Fame

An Initiative to Identify, Recognise & Award the contributors for Higher Education

When does change happen? When dissemination of creative and unique ideas takes new dimensions. When leaders disguised as normal people take these ideas and implement them in a time when we need them the most. In the path towards change, some are successful in their ventures and some learn from experience. In every industry, we have such people who not only think outside the box but establish a camp there till the change which they were pitching becomes a reality. It is these unique individuals we have listed out this month for our Wall of Fame venture- Top 20 Thought Leaders in Higher Education” for the year 2021. 

With the unforeseen challenges of Covid-19 still on the horizon, we need such leaders who were brave enough to come with real-time solutions which ensured the continuity of education during the pandemic. Through April month’s Wall of Fame venture we have identified the Top 20 Thought Leaders in Higher Education who have contributed towards the continuity of education, proposed unique ideas for the future and spread hope during tiring times.

In the past month, we received numerous nominations, through various forums, mediums and sources. While each nomination deserves an award we have come down in favour of these 20 people for the dedication and grit which they have shown during the global pandemic.

Hearty Congratulations to each of the Wall of Fame Award winners. By declaring the following leaders as one of the Top 20 Thought Leaders in Higher Education we acknowledge and honour the efforts that they have put towards their job and through this award, we appreciate these efforts. The Wall of Fame certificate for this award represents our respect and admiration and will serve as an ongoing reminder of their achievements.


Director, Administration - Paavai Institutions

Dr Manivannan Kaliyappan

Secretary cum Treasurer -Global Engineering Dean's Council(GEDC),Chair -GEDC India Chapter

Integrated Intelligent Research

Dr Navaraj Perumalsamy

Dean,Yadava college Madurai

Dr. B G Prakash

Dean, College of Horticulture Bengaluru


Professor, JNU

Prof. Arnab Rai Choudhuri

Professor, Indian Institute of Science

Dr. Prem Pal Bansal

Professor, Thapar Institute

Mr.Pradeep Devaneyan

Principal, Sri Venkateswaraa College of Engineering and Technology

Sri Venkateswaraa College of Engineering and Technology

Dr P.S.Shanmuga Boopathi

Principal, Maruthi College of Education

Mr.Sunil Nirmal

Principal,HSBPVT'S GOI College of Pharmacy,Kashti

Prof. Neena Sondhi

Professor, IMI New Delhi

Dr. Susmitha Sarkar

Professor, University of Calcutta

Dr Gagan Singh

Professor, DIT University

Prof. Arup Barman

Professor, Assam University

Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences

Prof. Savita S. Kerkar

Professor, Goa University

Prof.(Dr.) Azimkhan B.Pathan

Professor of Law & HOD, School of Law GD Goenka University

Dr. Vivek Kumar Sehgal

Professor, Jaypee University of Information Technology

Dr. Manoj Kumar

Associate Professor, Central University of Jharkhand

Central University of Jharkhand

Dr.Rajkumar.E PhD

Associate professor - VIT University

Academic Eminence Awards

Mr. Manu Awasthi

Associate Professor, Ashoka University