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Investment Thinking in Career and Life Building

Life is a business. A career of one is a tool to make an effect on life’s business. Like as good business results in a good life, happiness and welfare, in the same way, must think our life needs better management. The better management of life can be done with knowledge and wisdom. Acquiring the skills component of life is dependent on the level of utilization of one’s ideology for investment thinking. A better investment ensures better business outcomes. Assuming this tenet- let us explore what needs to be invested to make a better career in one’s life.

Among them are –

The Mind

The mind of a human being is nothing but only energy. To make our desired life our mind directs us toward the desired life. If the mind is not pure for desired life, or if the mind is not focused on what we desired, our energy of mind got wasted. The mix is the mind mixed will be our outcome. We must invest our pure minds for the desired goals. Mixed investment may lead to mixed results. The mixed mind can never give the energy to create outputs. We must know “we cannot get any engine’s performance by using the petrol which is mixed with water”.


In addition to mind, we use our time for making our life. Life is nothing but the aggregate of or the period between the moment of birth (B) and the moment of death (D), i.e. between B & D; in the middle stands “Choice”. Alphabet “C” denoting “Choice” must be used to create the process of fruitful investment. If the choice is bad, the investment return will be bad. As life is like a business we must ensure return on investment with mastery of applying the choice. The choice on investing our time at present would future result, in the same, we must analyze our time utilization by choice to make our career and life. Be sure only a career is not life, mere life without a career is not a life, but be sure that “life itself is a career”.


Money is a major factor that also has a considerable impact on career and life. At the time of spending money today, we must be focused on our aim- “how my investment of a single penny will create the return on investment (ROI) on a career. Every single penny must be utilized by using a logical and relevant choice. Without money, creating impact in mind and time creates stress on our present efforts. So, the money to be utilized during the learning life must take care of the aspects of investment modelling as the way we do it in real-life businesses.

We can have enough logic for developing models taking into consideration of inputs for making a life and career. Here, the “Mind, Time, Money” acronym MTM can serve as major foundational thinking in the building once life may be necessary for more analysis and debates. But, I am sure, this can serve as a good model for making a self-aware in the process of career and life building, which are lacking in the learning process development. As academicians and teachers, we must instill this model for inspiring students. We must teach students to think in terms of investment return while designing the career, learning, teaching and educational curriculum design through investment thinking. It may impact the creation the high-performance human resources and develop the same.

Author : Prof. Arup Barman

Professor, Assam University

2 Replies to “Investment Thinking in Career and Life Building”

  1. The majority of students suffer from the mental energy spread or thin concentration during their learning life only due to short term satisfaction. They fly in the sky of comforts and dreams out of nothingness. They live on the imagination without the roots of the practical reality of – “hard work, concentration, self-exploration, self-definition, and self-worth are the fundamental force behind every successful person”. To make one’s career if a student or youth by not walking on a tight rope with care their potential failure is 100 per cent. So to make career and happy life following the fundementals of life building must be foundation-ed with the “hard work, concentration, self-exploration, self-definition, and self-worth, with the resource investment principles.

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