CSIR partners Merck to set up High End Skill Development Centre in Chandigarh

CSIR partners Merck to set up High-End Skill Development Centre in Chandigarh

CSIR-Institute of Microbial Technology (CSIR-IMTECH) has partnered with Merck to establish a ‘High-End Skill Development Centre’ in Chandigarh.


The Proposed centre in Chandigarh will be equipped with the next generation technologies, like gene editing and single-molecule biomarker detection. India’s premier National Research Laboratory CSIR-IMTECH in partnership with Merck – leading German science and technology company will help accelerate healthcare research and train Indian students and researchers in latest life science technologies and make them industry ready, said a statement from Ministry of Science and Technology.


Under the Memorandum of Understanding, Merck in collaboration with CSIR-IMTECH will use their expertise in Life Science to build a centre which will help researchers and students develop advanced competencies and analytical skills required for life science research.


The first of its kind, Academia-Industry-led, laboratory in Chandigarh has been established to augment Government of India’s initiative for skilling India in the area of Life Science, said the statement. The centre will facilitate hands-on experience to learning and real time sample analysis.


The proposed state of the art Centre will integrate Work-based and Research-based learning by providing next generation lab set-up for carrying out real time sample analysis and learning workshops for selected group of technologies in the domain of Life Sciences.


This High-End Skill Development Centre will function on the principle of “no-profit, no-loss” basis and has been primarily created to augment Government of India’s initiative for building skills in the area of Life Science, added the statement.


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