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How to choose the Right Skill Course 2019

Getting hired in a well-reputed company is not a cakewalk in this competitive world. The professional world is constantly changing and the traditional education system often fails to equip the students with the skills that they require for landing into a good professional field. On the other hand, the demand for freshers with the advanced new skills is increasing with each passing day. In such a scenario, up-skilling seems to be the only way forward. The immediate question that strikes is then how to choose the right course for yourself?


Programs related to writing and public speaking have always been in trend and these definitely would continue to reign even in 2019. Taking up Journalism and Mass Communication can make this easy. A digital storyteller after undertaking this course will help you become a next-generation professional. Besides you can put forward your new ways of expressions. This will surely help you to become ready to work across industries, government organizations, and media houses in 2019.


In 2019, there would be about 2.5 lakh IT jobs created for the freshers in India. There would be numerous jobs for the data scientists, machine learning professionals, cyber security, augmented reality, all these would be in great demand in 2019. For this purpose, one should opt for Engineering in the various streams of Mechanical Engineering, Biotechnology Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Engineering Physics and Electronics and Communication Engineering. After taking up B.Tech in any of the above streams, in accordance to your career field will help you get acquainted with technical excellence, life skills and entrepreneurship thinking will help you to land in the best industry-friendly environment.


Upskilling is not just about being technical & functional but at the same time aiming for higher opportunities with the soft skills of communication, leadership, collaboration, and time management which are equally important. Taking up various courses like Bachelors of Business Applications (BBA) and Masters of Business Applications (MBA) will definitely help in creating leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs capable of developing and leading sustainable business enterprises, thereby maximizing wealth for the society at large.


Choosing the right course is a big decision and it is equally important as it will impact your future opportunities. So, if you manage to get it right then success will be yours.


Courtesy: TOI

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