5 reasons why you should consider pursuing BJMC course

5 reasons why you should consider pursuing BJMC course

With the phenomenal and unprecedented explosion of communication technology and media across the world, the study of Journalism and Mass Communication has become important and equally enviable. With the technology playing an enormous role in our lives today, there is a dire demand of professionals in the media field, who are not only dedicated towards work but also have an expression of creativity. If you aspire to communicate your ideas and thoughts among the masses, then Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC) is the right choice for you. Not only will you learn about the important developments in the media field, but BJMC course will also make you industry ready. 


If you aspire to make a potential career that meets the current demands of the media industry and will also help you in personal growth, then consider the reasons to pursue Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC) as given below:


A platform to express


If you are committed to creating research-based social content, inculcating your thoughts and ideas that too in a creative manner, then Journalism and Mass Communication is the right program for you. You can be either a good writer, penning down your thoughts into words or go for designing in an advertising company showcasing your creative imagination. You may have your own show on the radio or news channel and bring out your imagination and expressions.


Expand your network


Networking is important these days. If you pursue BJMC, you will meet new faces on a daily basis. It would be a regular opportunity to meet with media professionals who belong to broadcasting, print media and public relations. You will also undergo internships and placement drives, which are an integral part of the academic calendar of the media colleges and institutes. While pursuing the course, the field trips and internship programs you undertake will help you to get an extensive knowledge of pedagogy. You will also learn from the experiences and insights shared by the professionals in the conferences.


Travel and stay updated


Since the nature of this field is to inform the people about the happenings around the world, that too in a matter of few seconds of its occurrence makes it a point that you’ll always stay alert and updated about the various happenings. Besides your learning in BJMC will also take place outside the classroom. The media department is always ready for the move. Not only you will get to see the new places but also learn various new things.


Lucrative salary package


The starting salary for an average mass communication professional ranges between Rs 12,000- 25,000 monthly. After gaining years of work experience as a media professional, you can earn a lot higher than any other course seeker with similar experience on an average.


Multiple career options


After completing the 3 years Undergraduate BJMC course, you can get hired by the press, web media, publishing companies, advertising and marketing companies, television broadcasting and radio broadcasting etc. Apart from the media industry and broadcasting career, you can also choose other career options after journalism course such as you can join as a Graphic Designer in an organization, Marketing Manager, Professor of Writing and Reporting in any college and might also start your own business photo studio.


Courtesy: TOI

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