How to find a right Job?

Finding your calling in your professional life in no duck soup, for it’s likely to become your field of practice for the rest of your life. For many professionals work can be frustrating right from the start if it fails to be a good match in terms of your skills and area of interest. Also, with India’s current population of 1.3 Billion, it’s obvious that there are only a handful of chances of you landing to your dream job. In fact, in today’s scenario, even a once passport to a financially stable and predictable job such as law is remarkably back-breaking.


In this article, I am enlisting 5 steps that will help you light your path to get a right job-or at least a stepping stone role to rely your future job role upon.


Research – As boring as it may sound, research plays an important role in finding the right job for you. “Research before you search”. Industry research will help you demonstrate good initiative and will also help impress your potential employers, but do not rely upon second-hand information. Pick a couple of job ideas, ask people around until you reach to someone who is actually doing the deed.


Skill Analysis – Often overlooked yet critical, analyzing your skills help you choose the right job. Once clear upon your set of skills, you can further develop an organized, well-structured approach towards a better job search strategy. To be very precise, you can list down all the skills you have inside and outside your work-field.


Apply As Much As Possible – One of the most insane things you can do is “hold back” while applying for jobsDon’t do that, leave no stone unturned, apply as much as possible. This is all math, the higher the number of job applications the higher are the opportunities. If you are a graduate and don’t have a job lined up, you are in a crisis, so, APPLY.


Networking – Networking is extremely important. We, at the end, love to help people who know someone we know. C’mon, we all have encountered someone or the other who got ‘THE’ chance because they were REFERRED. Networking with our target-audience not just enables you to deduce yourself onto the “hidden job”, but also provides an advantage over other candidates. Making a valuable connection with ‘Our chosen field’ people helps us identify future opportunities.


Clear with Message – Decided what you want to do? Great! Now, crisp your skill-presentation strategies, let your employer know what you can do in clear and focused statements. Don’t bore the audience, be lucid about the organizational benefits you can cause and prepare engaging stories to justify your words.


Being from a legal background myself, I can attest to these above-mentioned steps, as finding a job in even legal sector is no more a piece of cake. Through SoOLEGAL, India’s largest private initiative in digital space for law has proved itself to be of some relief.


SoOLEGAL, is actually an E-governance platform which has been incredibly successful in bringing all the stakeholders under a common umbrella. It’s a great platform for young lawyers as they can register themselves there to offer services as an advocate or simply as lawyers and advisors. The initiative has been so successful so that more than 40 thousand people have registered themselves with SoOLEGAL in the meantime of 3 months. It has proved itself to become a great help and direction to the young lawyers to transform them on a personal and professional level.



Courtesy: Higher Education Plus

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