B.Tech Admission 2019 High demand career options for Electronic and Communication Engineers

B.Tech Admission 2019: High-demand career options for Electronic and Communication (ECE) engineers

Today we are living in an advanced hi-tech era, which makes the scope for engineering vast. Every industry and institution runs with the help of machines and related equipments. Meeting the need of the hour, the constant development in the electronics sector has helped to generate multiple vacancies for Electronic and Communications engineers.


Not surprisingly, the advanced world of technologies is seeing an exponential growth especially after the rise of innovative product-based business model ideas. If you have a vigorous zeal to pursue a career either in the making of electronic equipment or in communication sector then B.Tech in Electronic and Communication Engineering (ECE) is the course for you.


Why ECE Is The Ideal Future Career?


There are various reasons why the demand for this profile has increased like the wind. An Electronics engineer’s work area revolves around the concepts and framing the latest devices. As an ECE engineer, you will have to deliver the turn-key products from time-to-time. You will be required to plan, execute the testing process, frame the system layouts, develop, design, and deliver the end product.


ECE is desirable for the reasons as listed below:
  • The Telecommunication and manufacturing companies give immediate emergence to the various vacancies in this sector
  • There are ample employment option for ECE engineers in the private sectors and MNC’s
  • ECE engineers can even apply in the research-based or industrial corporations, government authorities, aerospace manufacturing companies, and in the armed forces (army/ military/navy)


Career Options For the Electronics & Communication Engineer Graduates


As an ECE graduate, you can make a career in industries like manufacturing, consumer electronics manufacturing, digital telecommunication industry, IT, healthcare tools manufacturing, mobile communication sector, power electronics.


Without a doubt, Electronics and Communication Engineering is a promising growth-driven stream, and your knowledge with a mix of skill set qualifies you for a wide range of entry-level positions. Few of them are listed below:


Electronic Engineer


New leading firms are springing up to deliver the needs to the consumer market, with the emerging rise in the electronics industry. As an electronics engineer, you will be in great demand in the market that has created a lot of opportunities for the ECE aspirants.


Electronics and Communication Engineer


As an ECE engineer, you will have to supervise the work by conceptualizing, outlining, and testing part. You can even go in communications, networking, and broadcast, transmission systems work area. Your main work will be to consolidate electronics and/or look into the communication network framework that they develop.


Desktop Support Engineer


The profile of Desktop Support Engineer is required in almost every IT and non-IT company. Certainly, you will have a good future with the attractive remuneration.


System Control Engineer


As a system control engineer, you will have a general-purpose potential to inspect and design complicated systems that may have technical sort of components. You can later even recruited as technical supervisors, system control managers etc.


Since the Electronics & Communication Engineering stream does not only offer a lucrative package to the deserving candidates but also provide optimistic organizational growth.



Courtesy: TOI

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