What to choose between MBA and M.Tech for better career opportunities

What to choose between MBA and M.Tech for better career opportunities?

Doing further studies is intimidating, and the fruits are worth the efforts. Higher studies will not only add to your qualifications, but will also help to advance your career in a long run. Choosing between pursuing,Master of Business Administrations (MBA) and Master of Technology (M.Tech) is quite confusing for several students. To make a right choice between MBA and M.Tech, you will thoroughly have to understand what opportunities each would bring your way, and which career path would they shape for you. 


If you are planning to do higher studies after your graduation, but are uncertain between what to opt for between MBA and M.Tech, then consider the details below, which can be helpful for you to make a right career choice.


M.Tech vs MBA

Both M.Tech and MBA, both are specialised degrees and have value in their respective grounds. Both provide excellent career options and have gained importance over time.


Whether you plan to go into IT, manufacturing, or R&D driven establishment, there would be requirements for both M. Techs and MBAs.

  • As an M.Tech graduate, you will be more of a subject matter specialist, whereas after pursuing MBA you would handle product sales and marketing, project management, IT process, human resources, consulting and customer service.
  • Pursuing M. Tech in a particular field would make you invaluable for a company that has a business profile of that field. On the other hand, MBA will give you a totally different business perspective and is much broader in scope.
  • If you plan to enroll for M. Tech in a reputed engineering college/institute like IIT, then you need to crack the GATE entrance exam. While if you plan to pursue MBA, then there are entrance exams like CAT and MAT which you need to clear.
  • In case you aspire to make your career in a technical field, then M. Tech is the right choice for you. After this, you can even switch to research or teaching. But if you want to go into any corporate sector, then MBA is the way to go. It is a management course and hence would enhance your managerial, leadership presentation and communication skills etc.
  • M. Tech is suitable if you want to join any product- based industry where technical skills are required. While MBA is more suitable for a service and customer- oriented industries.
  • Most of the product companies today follow a trend, looking for a Product Manager with an M.Tech degree and in most cases an MBA degree as well. However, if you are an M.Tech candidate, you will be the first choice for getting into technical architecture and engineering teams.


Courtesy : TOI

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