Why Indian Students should Consider Pursuing Higher Education In New Zealand

Why Indian Students should Consider Pursuing Higher Education In New Zealand

Apart from attracting hundreds of tourists every year, New Zealand also attract students from all over the world who wish to pursue higher education. Based on the recent statistics, many Indian students are also opting New Zealand as their higher education destination. There are several factors playing a key role behind their decision that include excellent academics, friendly locals, and research opportunities and of course the charming lifestyle of the beautiful country. And if you are among the many students who want to pursue further education in New Zealand, then this article will help you to finalize your decision. Let us know the top reasons why you should continue your further education in New Zealand.


World Renowned Qualification 

The 8 universities of New Zealand are placed at the top positions in the global university rankings. Because of this, a qualification from New Zealand will help you to shine in any part of the world. Also, the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) monitors the quality of education of the universities to maintain a high level curriculum. So, you can always be ensured about the quality of education you will receive.


Unmatched Education Model

The pedagogy structure of New Zealand is adopted from the United Kingdom and is almost similar to the Indian pedagogy structure. It follows a systematic and organized way of teaching-learning method where students are always interacting with teachers. They learn how to implement their classroom learning for solving critical problems in every possible way. This is why many Indian students select New Zealand as their study destination.


Research-Based Education 

Universities of New Zealand has well-equipped laboratories, the latest technologies and equipment to support innovation. They provide students with the scopes of research and development in the fields of Physics, Engineering, Healthcare, Agriculture, Astrology, Geology, Computer Science etc. This is a great benefit for students who want to pursue a PhD in New Zealand. In fact, Ph.D. scholars are eligible to pay the same fees that local students pay and they have the privilege to work full-time during their study.


Affordable Fees 

This is one of the main reasons why many choose New Zealand to pursue tertiary education over countries like US, UK, Australia, Germany etc. that demand high course fees. Whereas when compared, the cost of studying the same course in New Zealand is less. On top of that, the cost of living in this country is also cheaper than the others.


Work While Studying 

Previously we mentioned about the affordable fees structure of New Zealand. Adding to that, New Zealand allows students to work during semester and semester breaks. While an international student can work for 20 hours a week during their semester, they have the opportunity to work full-time in the semester breaks! An exceptional way to support the extra needs isn’t it?


A Safe Destination 

Just below Iceland, New Zealand ranks second on the Global Peace Index 2018 rankings. The people of New Zealand are friendly and the country has political stability. That is why New Zealand is one of the safest countries for students around the world.


Job Opportunities 

The rules regarding work rights before November 2018 in New Zealand was affecting the job hunt of international students. But the new rules have granted international students with the right to stay in the country after they receive their degree. The new rules give adequate time to students to search for suitable jobs.


Various Courses to Choose From 

No problem if you wish to pursue vocational training or professional degree or regular academics in New Zealand as there are innumerable courses in the country for international students. The universities, polytechnic and technology institutes, education colleges offer various academic, professional and vocational courses to the international students.


The Beautiful Country 

It’s an extra-addition to the list of education. New Zealand is one of the beautiful countries of the world with a multicultural environment. It has steaming volcanoes, snow-topped mountains, mind soothing green hills and temperate rain forests where students spend their off times to grow in nature’s arm. It also has an endless list of adventure sports in which students can partake to experience the thrills of life.


If you are planning to go to New Zealand for higher studies, do not wait. The country welcomes every student with its arms wide open!


Courtesy: Higher Education Review

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