Is Psychology a well accepted profession in India.

Is Psychology a well accepted profession in India?

Coming out from the days when there was a social stigma attached to the word ‘Psychology’, today society of the country has well-accepted both the profession and the people who are associated with it. Now, people don’t shy out while taking an appointment for consulting a psychologist, at least those residing in metros and Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities. Changing lifestyle, rate race to achieve success, ever-increasing expectation, have all together, brought severe stress factor in the life of the common men. This has given a fair rise in the demand for Psychologists throughout the country. Psychologists study a person’s reactions, emotions, and behaviour, and apply their understanding of that behaviour to treat the associated behavioural problems. Treatment is focused on therapy and counselling, rather than prescribing medications for a ‘quick fix’.


Here in this article, hence we have jotted down some of the points which are convincing the young population to take up Psychology as their area of study followed by choosing it as the profession.


1. Being a psychologist is not a dull job. In this profession, you can meet people with a large variety of people and listen to their stories. As a psychologist, you’ll work with clients from all walks of life, cultures, and backgrounds. Helping them will give you a great sense of satisfaction as you will be responsible for erasing the word ‘stress’ from an individual’s life.


2. If you are contemplating on choosing Psychology as your career, you are a way to a rewarding and financially stable future. In this field, your starting salary can vary between INR 1.79 LPA to INR 6.23 LPA. As one establishes himself in the field and specializes in any of its branches, he can earn more. After opening your own clinic, the remuneration is high, depending upon the counts of your clients.


3. Unlike other medical fields, as psychologists don’t require handling emergency patients often, this profession offers quite flexible work schedules. Once you’ve established your own practice your schedule becomes very flexible. You’re able to set your own hours, come and go when you want and have ample vacation time. Most psychologists report one of the aspects of their job they enjoy the most is the ability to spend time with their family and friends.


4. This field lets the individuals quench their entrepreneurial hunger very well. As an optimum number of psychologists are self-employed, they have higher chances to achieve their desired goals. Here you are not accountable to any boss, rather you yourself will be the boss, taking all your decisions and putting efforts in taking the business to the next level.


5. While studying Psychology, you will get the opportunity to earn knowledge in an array of areas. This field covers interesting subjects such as General Psychology, Clinical psychology, Social Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Organizational Behaviour and many more.


There are numerous top colleges in the country that conducts courses in the Psychology field at different levels. You just need to do a little bit of research and select the best institute followed by entering into the rewarding field of Psychology.


 Courtesy: Higher Education Review

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