Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya Teachers create their own websites

Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya: Teachers create their own websites

In first-ever attempt teachers at  Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya will be creating their own websites and upload the study materials. They will also be updating the site on a frequent basis. This will highly benefit the students from both UG & PG as they will be able to access the notes uploaded by their faculties by referring to these websites designed by their faculties.


DAVV faculty will be trained on creating a website as part of a ‘blended classroom’ programme implemented by Human Resources Development Centre (HRDC).


Professors and lecturers will be taught on how to develop, design and maintain course content and study material they wish to share with students during training module, said director of HRDC, Dr. Namrata Sharma.


Blended classes are an amalgamation of online and offline teaching method wherein the faculty member will upload content of the subject prior to the lecture and will inform students to study it before attending classes.


The preparation of the website is part of online teaching method teachers will be motivated to adopt, she said.


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The websites will also have features wherein students can put their queries before teachers, who in turn can reply at leisure or prepare for an explanation during the next lecture.


Dr. Sharma said DAVV is planning to offer existing internet server space of different departments to host websites of respective professors and lecturers.


In case teachers find it difficult to create their own websites, they will be taught online academic tools and hosting sites, where they can upload study material.


“This will be extremely beneficial as students will find it more interactive,” she said.


Faculty members will be putting up content, which will also include quizzes, activities, exercises, powerpoint presentations and pictures and they will be able to modify it as and when required. This will be advantageous for students as they will be able to avail and refer to the content at any time.


Courtesy: TOI


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