Can uLektz be the BYJUS of Higher Educatio

Can uLektz be the BYJUS of Higher Education

Our education system is primarily considered as K-12 / School Education and Higher Education. Companies like Educomp, Everonn and now BYJUS evolved as leaders focusing on offering solutions and services for K12 but for Higher Education, rarely we could see any such clear leader.

Why is that there is no BYJUS kind of company for Higher Education? Even the company like TCS with its ERP solution TCS iON couldn’t create the kind of big impact like BYJUS in Higher Education space.

If we start looking for reasons, Higher Education is more complex than K12. The needs of K12 are well defined and to an extent, they are constant. The primary objective of K12 is to prepare students with basic knowledge, skills, and concepts for higher education.

But, the needs of higher education are distinctly challenging as the students are required to have good academic credentials, industry-required skills and preferably industry connections. Since these needs for Education, Employability, and Employment are distinct, the companies in general focus on one to two specific areas and offer the solutions and services.

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For instance, TCS iON offers ERP solution for colleges and universities. Upgrade offers skills courses, Aspiring Minds offers recruitment support, OnlineTyari offers material for guidance and study material for your competitive exam, current affairs, news articles, mock tests and more on its web as well as a mobile platform. Kopykitab offers eBooks, Videos, Test prep for schools, colleges and Entrance Exams for Higher education. These brands have specified niche with limited services and they are aligned to only few needs of higher education.

So, there is no single company offering solutions and services for all the needs of higher education. Availability of too many solutions makes it confusing and difficult for the stakeholders of higher education to choose the right one and access them from multiple portals and apps using different login credentials. Like other business sectors Education sector precisely, the higher education needs one solitary name with conviction to go ahead without worrying to procure the other education supporting solutions to their organization and investing lot of time and efforts by exploring or adding more companies.

Identifying this specific pain of higher education, uLektz provides a suite of software solutions for the needs of higher education from learning and campus management system to the software systems offering resources for education, skill development, and careers. All these apps are seamlessly integrated providing uniform user experience with easy to access through a single user account.

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With uLektz, institutions can stay ahead of education transformation challenges and ensure students success. uLektz has come up with the applications with an additional support system for the overall performance of education institution. The way BYJUS has come up with the technology and applications to higher education uLektz has originated more additional applications such as uLektz videos, uLektz Preps, etc. along with innovation and creativity which makes it one step ahead to accommodate educational institutions with highly integrated technology and an end to end solutions specifically for higher education.

With the development of Applications developed by uLektz which accommodates diverse requirements of advanced education sector such as uLektz Jobs for job placements, uLektz Skills for online skill courses for certifications, uLektz connect for social learning platform for peer education, uLektz campus an ERP for learning campus and management, uLektz videos for conceptual understanding, uLektz Preps to give Mock test for competitive and entrance exams, uLektz News for latest educational news and events etc. uLektz have paved the way to generate proficiency with a full-fledged system with technology integrated approach for higher education and make learning easy for students as well as the academicians. uLektz is here to stay and will be a BYJUS for higher education in the near future.

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