Future of Cyber Security

Future of Cyber Security

It is high time to protect the technology we use, including data, applications, networks, and devices as technology continue to play a fundamental role in our day-to-day lives. Moreover, it is equally important to educate technology end-users about the steps they should take to keep themselves safe, as well as plan a response if something bad happens. Cybersecurity careers allow individuals to help public and private organizations protect their information from cyber-attacks. 


Cybersecurity professionals help in many ways when cyber-attacks happen, organizations are fined, executives lose their jobs, customers may take their business elsewhere, and an organization’s credibility and public perception takes a hit. By maintaining an organization’s security strategy and operations, cybersecurity experts help a company avoid the headaches that come with a cyber-attack. These resourceful professionals are literally the need of the hour for the country. In this article, we will discuss the various Cyber Security Degrees & Careers that exists in the country.


Cyber Security Degrees

Enter “cybersecurity” into an online job board and you’ll see thousands, if not tens of thousands, of openings across the country. If you’re interested in a fast-paced field full of analysis, problem-solving, creativity, and, of course, computers, the world of cyber security may be the right path for you. There are a wide variety of careers in cybersecurity available for bachelor’s degree graduates. Here are some of the fields you may be able to enter after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity. A cybersecurity degree is intended to equip you with the knowledge and skills to defend computer operating systems, networks and data from cyber-attacks. Although it incorporates theoretical concepts, it’s a technical degree. Please note that some of these careers may require further education and/or certifications.


1. Information Technology Auditor

Information technology auditors, or IT auditors, evaluate the strength of an organization’s IT systems, practices, and operations. They examine the physical, business, and financial controls of an organization and help ensure that the organization is compliant with legislation related to keeping data and records secure.


2. Information Security Analyst

People working in this field are responsible for monitoring their organization’s networks, investigating security breaches, and protecting sensitive information through the installation and use of security software. Information security analysts also assist in developing disaster recovery plans for their organizations.


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3. Information Assurance Engineer

Information assurance engineers are responsible for overseeing the secure processing and storing an organization’s data. As either a consultant or an employee, these engineers conduct risk assessments, examine data practices and data logs, and implement any systems necessary to keep a company’s information safe.


4. Information Security Manager

Similar to information security analysts, information security managers are responsible for protecting the networks, computers, and data of their organizations against any possible breaches or attacks. An information security manager works to ensure that no such breaches occur, as the consequences of such incidents can include revenue loss and fines from regulatory agencies, not to mention a decrease in consumer trust.


5. Computer Forensics Expert

Computer forensics investigators work with law enforcement agencies to retrieve information from computers to assist in the solving of crimes. These investigators will have a strong working knowledge of computers, as often the equipment they’re working with will be damaged in some way.


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