Highest paid Creative jobs

Highest paid Creative jobs

Growth rate of Indian media and entertainment industry is expected to be at a CAGR of 13.10% to touch INR 2,660.20 billion by FY23. 


Similarly growth of India’s online gaming industry is expected to be at a CAGR of 22% between FY 18-23 and the advertising revenue is projected to reach INR 1,323.70 billion in FY23. In this artcile we will look at some of the lucrative creative jobs


1. Art DirectorArt Directors are widely appreciated for innovative thinking skills original ideas. Art directors must have good communicating skills and excellent interpersonal skills to convey what they imagine. They need to have a good understanding of the current market trends and social trends.  Art Directors are responsible for the entire design and lead others to develop art works. An Art Director works in magazines, newspapers, books, films and TV series. They also work in the gaming industry, where they are responsible for the overall artistic vision of the game.


Average Salary – INR 609,555 per annum.


2. UX Director – User Experience Directors evaluate user experience to improve applications and software products. They are responsible for customers’ satisfactions and brand name by ensuring positive experience for the customers. The skills of a good UX Director include excellent verbal and written communications. UX Directors need to have a vision for new market opportunities and market demands. 


Average Salary – INR 10 lacs per annum.


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3. Marketing Director – Marketing Directors are responsible for carrying out marketing campaigns. A Marketing Director must have good communication and creative skills are vital to work to collaborate with their team members. A Marketing Director job profile demands individual that have top leadership skills and industry contacts to sell products. As a part of the job, Marketing Directors analyze customers’ usage data to design the best marketing strategies, budgets and pricing policies. The divisions where Marketing Directors work are MNCs, Start-Ups and Marketing Agencies.


Average Salary – INR 1,092,622 per annum.


4. Video Game Designer – Video Game Designers design characters, levels, puzzle, art and animation and work with a team of coders, and artists to create video games. Everyday, the work role of a game designer is to make sure smooth game play and user satisfaction. A good video game designer must have strong knowledge on programming, video graphics and hardware specifications. The duty of a video game designer includes testing of games before release.


Average Salary – INR 529,542 per annum.


5. Fashion Designer – Fashion Designers design garments, accessories, and other gears. The skills that fashion designers need to have are excellent drawing skills, strong eye for detail, visualization skills, and a brilliant business mind. The work of a Fashion Designer is to make decisions on which fabric to use, what trend of fashion to set, and what texture to give on a garment. It is one of the most creative fields to select, but requires tremendous hard work. Fashion Designing is a very competitive field.


Average Salary – INR 365,319 per annum.


In today’s growing economy, creative fields play a major role and you can be creative and draw a good amount of salary. This is the right time to join the creative industry.


Courtesy: Higher Education Review


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