Time to create future-ready workforce using AI

India has recently started using AI in as many areas as possible. It is important to make proper use of the latest technologies on human capital which is around 1300 million. As far as AI-powered nations are concerned AI will greatly impact the future of these countries.Providing employment for billion youth in the coming years is going to be a biggest challenge for world leaders.


With more institutions now understanding the importance of learning and outcome-based pedagogical tools, Indian higher education system is slowly coming out of its traditional outlook.


We need to pick up those institutions that are willing to strive hard to create the next level of excellence in AI. The conceptualisation of the model is that 10% of the institutions should be focussed in the first phase. These zonal leads act as a mentor or resource institution for the remaining institutions in a phase-wise manner. 


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Project is one of the successful models, wheere this idea has been tried on a set of 100 institutions, who are further connected to 10 basic partners of the network. Institutions should also provide startups/incubator at the campus, which will help to bring real-time projects for students. Sabbaticals and internships at hub institutions are great tools for quick adaptation to new technology, work culture, and collaboration between institutions. 


Knowledge base required for current engineers is increasing at a rapid pace. If we keep adding more hours to teach AI, we will injustice to the students. There must be a professional review of the curriculum with the help of industrialists and young academics. Bennett University (BU) has the advantage in terms of its lineage and philosophy in embracing all these ideas. The University’s project showcase events have been evaluated by industry experts with positive outcomes.


Courtesy: TOI


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