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Colleges affiliated to Delhi University (DU) may increase the number of seats under ECA and sports categories

In case of high demand,Colleges affiliated to Delhi University (DU) are likely to increase the number of seats under the ECA and sports categories at the department level.More number of seats will be added under sports, ECS categories without breaching 5% cap.


Every college has to take a maximum of five percent of the total intake of students under the sports and Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) categories.


In case a department does not see the number of seats being filled up under these categories, the vacant seats can be transferred to another department, but without breaching the five percent cap.


Till last year, this was only applicable to the ECA category but now it has been extended to sports also.


“Usually it is seen that the students in the sports and ECA categories opt for humanities and social science programmes, rather than science, since they feel they may not be able to cope with the pressure in the latter.


“So, in case there are no admissions under the sports and ECA categories in the Science department, the vacant seats can be transferred to another department where there is a greater demand, but without breaching the total number at the college level,” an official said.


The decision to extend this to sports was taken at a meeting on Monday.


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Explaining the mathematics, a professor said if a college has a total of 1,300 seats, five percent of that comes to 65. The ratio of sports and ECA might be 40:25.


In case it is seen that one department has a vacant seat, while another department, which has already had one admission under the category, is seeing one more aspirant, that vacant seat might be transferred to the other department.


According to a circular, “However, in case of greater demand in a particular course, up to a maximum of double the number of seats sanctioned under the ECA and sports categories in the said course may be admitted by a college, subject to the overall ceiling of five percent.”


DU Academic Council member Rasal Singh said the move would ensure that only the deserving students got admissions to the university.




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