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IIT Gandhinagar :To organise JEE Open House in Delhi,Mumbai and Gandhinagar

To guide JEE-Advanced qualified students and their parents about various engineering disciplines at IITs,job opportunities, Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar (IITGN) will be organising an open house.


Locations of the event:

This year, IITGN is organizing the JEE Open House at three different locations –


1. PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Nipccd Campus, Hauz Khas, New Delhi on June 22, 2019


2. Walchand Hirachand Hall, Churchgate, Mumbai on June 23, 2019


3. IIT Gandhinagar Campus on June 23, 2019


“The Open House being organized at three different locations will make it convenient for them to attend at a place of their choice.

How to participate?

The students intending to participate can register for the event through IITGN Open House webpage- events.iitgn.ac.in/2019/openhouse/.


Prof Pratik Mutha, Dean of Academic Affairs, IITGN said, IITGN JEE Open House aims to address doubts and queries of prospective students and their guardians regarding various disciplines, course structures, activities and opportunities at IITs so that they can take informed decisions.”


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About the event:

The event at IIT Gandhinagar campus will include a campus tour, discussion sessions with the Director, and Dean (Academic Affairs) and Associate Dean (Student Welfare), along with interactions with faculty, students, and alumni of IITGN.


Participants in Delhi and Mumbai will be able to interact with the Dean (Student Affairs), Coordinator (Alumni Relations), students and alumni of IITGN.


These sessions will also enable prospective students to learn more about IITGN’s vision, its innovative curriculum, and its many student-centric initiatives.


About IIT Gandhinagar

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Gandhinagar is one of the best educational institutes in India which offers unparalleled technical education with innovative curriculum and extra-curricular development opportunities. The institute puts a high emphasis on global exposure and research collaborations. IITGN is committed to promoting excellence in science, technology, as well as the humanities and social sciences and to the development of rounded and nuanced minds.


Courstesy: INDIA TODAY


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