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Introduction to LMS: LMS stands short for Learning Management System. It is considered as learning because it is used for delivering education courses or training programs. The other part of this name is Management as it helps in organizing courses and training programmes and the final component of LMS is a software programme to create, manage and deliver eLearning courses.


An LMS is a technology-based mechanism in channelizing the software applications towards learning platform application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of educational courses, training programs, or learning and development programs. LMS requirements are given as below.


1. A server component that accomplishes the fundamental functionality (creating, handling and delivering courses, substantiating users, serving data and notifications, etc.)


2. Dynamic web-based system that allows for easy management and delivery of online courses & training programs


LMS associations with diverse set of people:

LMS users are the people or the organizations who are associated in learning through online platform. It is not only a tool for any individual user but also a tech based approach for the organization associated with learning. This can further be elaborated as below.


1. It serves Businesses of all sizes, from large international enterprises to small and medium businesses.


2. Organizations, from the United Nations to the local co-op, including Non-Government Organizations and non-profits.


3. Government agencies and local governments are also using such a platform.


4. Traditional educational institutions (schools, universities, colleges).


5. Online and eLearning based educational institutions (online schools from Khan Academy to Lynda.com).


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Let’s look at the advantages of LMS in education and other education related business industry.


LMS has various usages with different types of learning intending to develop as well as improve the old ways of education system through effective mode of education with software applications in accommodating the modern ways of learning. The overall focus of LMS is to generate efficiency in imparting and learning the programmes for both students as well as the academicians. With a technology-oriented platform and efficient management, the users can have tailor made approach to access the solutions, notes, learning material without any hassle. It makes a quick connect among the students along with result oriented communications where the easy access to required information support proper tracking of their progress. All such benefits make LMS a great solution in education industry.


There are multiple names that are part of fastest growing software categories, however we would emphasize broadly on two big names with comparison to understand the various aspects in this growing industry i.e. Moodle and uLektz Campus. Let’s see the elaboration of both the players with the brief comparison.


1. Process

Moodle is an acronym for ‘Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment’. Moodle can be integrated with online content resource repositories, enterprise solutions for managing course registration, payment and enrollment, course schedules, training resources, compliance management and student or employee records. uLektz Campus is an ERP for learning and campus, management. It helps colleges and universities enable digital for learning and campus management.


2. Users

Moodle is used by thousands of educational institutions to deliver a systematized and central interface for e-learning. Moodle is a free and open – source learning management system for couple of learning programmes through e learning classes, projects in association with different schools, universities, workplaces and other related business sectors. uLektz Campus helps institutions enable digital education and deliver engaging teaching and learning experience to drive academic effectiveness and enhance education.


3. Benefits

As an E-learning tool, Moodle has an extensive series of standard and advanced features such as a calendar and a Gradebook. Moodle is a foremost virtual learning environment and can be used in numerous sorts of environments such as education, training and development and in business settings whereas for uLektz Campus  benefits include, Students Information System, Course & Class Management, e-Library of eBooks & Videos, Syllabus / Lesson Planning, Online Assessments, Performance Monitoring, Student Support System & Peer Education


4. Stakeholders

Moodle is a leading virtual learning environment and the various stakeholders can be trainers, academicians and business houses. uLektz Campus focus is exclusively for the Students, Educators and all other Stakeholders of Higher Education. uLektz Campus is a one-stop solution providing a suite of apps, resources and services for all institution’s needs reachable through One Single App. It is a first-of-its-kind SaaS based educational ERP exclusively designed for higher education institutions.


5. Support functions

Moodle support function provides Free download, installation, Plugins, Community support, hosting, commercial support, documentation, courses and content, books etc. however uLektz Campus  helps to integrate, automate and streamline all the administrative functions of the institution to save time, reduce cost and improve operational efficiencies for various support function such as Admission Management, Finance Management, Time-table & Attendance, Instant Messaging – SMS & Email Gateways, Fee Management, Grievances Management, HR & Payroll, Alumni Management, Students Information System, Online Assessments, Course & Class Management, Performance Monitoring, e-Library of eBooks & Videos, Student Support System, Syllabus / Lesson Planning, Peer Education


Moodle and uLektz Campus  are both working in education segment where Moodle is an open platform for all types of institutions and universities wherein uLektz run the platform with a focused and customized solution for the higher education sector so that with the usage of uLektz Campus the institutions get the complete solution with a single brand association.


Both Moodle and uLektz has consistently implemented well-built technology infrastructure to provide enough support system for online lectures, easy approach to course curriculum, effective learning system which ultimately plays an important role in contributing toward LMS platform.


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