Importance of learning Blockchain

In today’s technology driven world there is a growing tendency among college goers or working professionals to equip themselves with new technologies so as to make them stay updated. In the last few years, Blockchain certification courses are gaining more attention. These courses help one to  decode the encrypted hype for Blockchain, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. These courses enable the learners to make use of the newest blockchain tools like Ganache, Truffle, Meta Mask, and Geth for creating blockchain applications, and major blockchain frameworks like Hyperledger, computing platforms like Ethereum, Bitcoin and Multichain. On learning these courses, a learner must be bale to create a personal blockchakin network using Hyperledger.


What is Blockchain?

Transmitting information from one point to another in the safest and a fully automated system with no transaction cost, where a user starts the process by creating a block. There are some infrastructure costs to it, and the block carrying information is verified by computers distributed around the net. Afterward, the verified block gets added to a chain and it stays stored in the internet with its unique records and history. The blocks are connected using cryptography and every block has a cryptographic hash of its preceding block, and the blocks contain a timestamp that keeps track of creation and modification time of any record.


Learning Blockchain

There are many online and offline learning centers providing training on blockchain technology. They have incorporated topics like basic introduction to blockchain, its business backdrop, problem area, relation to bitcoin, and why blockchain is important or relevant in any business. The blockchain courses also make a learner familiar with shared data, provenance, immutability, finality, and industry uses and customer adoption of blockchain technology. While from the technical aspect, a learner learns Blockchain Development using Hyperledger, Java Script, Ethereum, Software Engineering Frameworks and Server Side Development, and API and Backend Development.


Upon course completion, many of the online learning portals or offline classrooms give the students to work on industrial projects and learn the A-Z of blockchain industrial uses.


Career Opportunities in Blockchain

The most wanted job in the field of Blockchain is blockchain development and it is regarded as the second most demanding skill by Upwork, residing just behind robotics research and development, which is expected to become higher. However, the career opportunities are not restricted to any one particular field for blockchain specialists and here is a list of some seriously engaging and growing careers in blockchain.


1. Blockchain Project Management – Working in blockchain business models – its market demand and values, the job of a blockchain project manager is to connect other business professionals and blockchain application developers by understanding end-to-end business needs, challenges, budget, and resources. To work in such a job profile, one must have high managerial aptitude, good communication skills, and rigorous knowledge of blockchain technology.


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2. Quality Engineer (Blockchain) – Like every quality analysis engineer, the role of a blockchain quality engineer is to maintain a standard environment, carrying out different test cases using automation frameworks, testing tools, devices, platforms, and network speed. To become highly-crafted blockchain quality engineers, one should have knowledge on fundamentals of blockchain environment and testing, and of course, one engineering degree.


3. Blockchain Web Developer – The small scale and large scale, both businesses are utilizing the potential of blockchain and cryptocurrencies for trading and payments. During this rising demand, the need of blockchain web developers are also increasing, where development of customer-centric websites and pages using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Adobe Illustrator and Sketch are at the center stage. So, one can easily start a career in blockchain web development by attaining skills on above technologies.


4. Blockchain Legal Consultant – Many Blockchain legal consultants are working for firms or they have already started their own consulting agencies. To work in legal section of this technology, one must be well-versed on legality of online financial transactions using blockchain. The person should also have thorough knowledge about the blockchain technology.


5. Blockchain Application Developer – Having widespread knowledge of blockchain concepts like Hyperledger, and lucrative skills in C, C++, HTML, CSS, C#, SQL, XML, jQuery, Go RESTful, Solidity can get one a job as blockchain application developer. It is one of the highly paid and most trendy jobs in blockchain industry, where a professional is required to design and develop blockchain-based solutions and applications.




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