Highest paid Government jobs in India

Earlier, Government sector jobs were considered to be prestigious and resourceful in India.The scenario is slowly changing and government jobs have become more stressful than what it was earlier, but still, government jobs remain the most sought after jobs. Recently,there has been a rise in Governement jobs that comes with allowances, valuable benefits and attractive pay packages. Lets have a look at the list of highest paying jobs in 2019.


Indian Administrative Services (IAS) – Regarded as the most prestigious government jobs of all by every Indian citizen (apart from other Grade A services like IES, IFS, IPS etc.), IAS is the toughest to get. While being the toughest of all jobs, it also provides a robust salary to the officers that ranges between INR 50k to INR 60K for new joiners. An IAS officer also gets numerous added benefits like vehicle, subsidized electricity, and many more.


Indian Foreign Services (IFS) – Selected through UPSC civil services examination, an IFS officer represents India to other nations. They work as diplomats and spend most of their time in foreign nations, staying in one country for at most 3 years. There are huge benefits like free medical care, free education for IFS officers’ children in international schools, and others. The pay scale ranges between INR 60K to INR 70K for IFS officers.


Defense ServicesCandidates are selected via examinations like NDA, CDA, AFCAT, etc. the salary of defense service personnel are also worthwhile. It ranges between INR 50K to INR 60K and there are other perks and benefits like free ration, high altitude allowance, pension after retirement are added with. Salary increases with promotions for the defense employees.


ISRO/DRDO Engineers/Scientists – Engineering graduates with a knack for research and development activities look forward to joining the prestigious science and engineering body of the country, ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) and DRDO (Defence Research and Development) and other organizations like BARC (Bhabha Atomic Research Center). The basic salary at the entry-level ranges between INR 55K and INR 60K. The engineers and scientists also receive transport allowance, house/rental allowance and regular bonus.


RBI Officer – Many youngsters are looking to pursue their career in banking, where RBI is the first choice for them. RBI Grade B is the best to start a career in banking that pays well. The salary for a new joiner is around INR 67K. Every two years an RBI Grade B officer receives INR 1 lakh travel allowance!


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PSU – PSU jobs are for engineers who are not comfortable with the corporate lifestyle. They work for reputed organizations like ONGC, IOCL, BHEL, etc. and receive an almost exact salary as a corporate engineer. The salary ranges between INR 52K and INR 60K at the beginning and the engineers also receive shift allowance.


Indian Forest Service – Indian Forest Service is the job role suited for the candidates who do not like hustling in a city. It is an adventurous job and has salary benefits of INR 52K with other lucrative benefits.


State Service Commission – Almost like UPSC in central, every state has its own administrative posts for which they conduct state-based qualifying examinations. The salary is as much lucrative as a UPSC officer which ranges between INR 35K and INR 45K.


Government College Lecturer – Teaching jobs are peaceful jobs in the government sector and it provides many vacations to the teachers. The salary of a government college professor is very high and it varies from INR 40k to INR 1lakh at entry-level.


ASO in Ministry of External Affairs – ASO in MEA is a grade B position where candidates are selected through SSC examination. In its career tenure, an ASO officer gets a maximum of 6 foreign postings and draws a salary of INR 1.25 lakh – INR 1.8 lakh with other precious benefits. (all salaries are monthly)




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