Importance of Digital Literacy

In today’s tech savy world, internet has become an indispensable part of our lives and it continues to expand further in the coming years. Growth of internet can be attributed to people’s desire to keep themselves updated of the latest internet trends irrespective of their age. There is a significant rise in mobile and internet penetration due to increase in digital awarenss among people. With rise in the acceptance of new-age technologies and increasing internet faciliated channels, ‘business-to-consumer’ (B2C) and the ‘business-to-business’ scene has been altered .


Let us briefly discuss about what digital literacy is all about and how is it useful for the students and public in general.


What is digital literacy?

Digital literacy refers to the wide variety of expertise, which is essential to appear successful and acclimatize to the digital world. Since the print medium is facing stagnation, the capability to take hold of information found online becomes imperative. People who don’t have any basic information related to digital literacy skills may find it difficult to cope up with the situation in the coming future.


Why it is important for students?

Increasing modernization has compelled students to increase their digital literacy knowledge. Therefore there is a great need to educate the students regarding the digital medium as it plays an important role in the students both in academic and personal life.


The role of educators

A teacher always plays an important role in a student’s life. There are numerous ways instructor and trainer can implant digital literacy skills by teaching the students to search various subject related topics on the internet. The teacher can also help the students regarding the search. For eg: Where was the information last updated? Or where can the student find the other reference sites etc.


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Digital literacy for public

Most of the people think that digital literacy involves complex technical capabilities such as coding and programming and involves structural knowledge and skills. But it’s actually a small skill set which is essential for access and gaining information. Digital literacy for the public comprises a small array of skills and it varies according to the day-to-day tasks. Skills vary for a normal employee to a financial advisor. Within the next five years, it is forecasted that 90 percent of the employees will necessitate at least common computer operational skills, such as internet browsing, email drafting etc.



Though the digital world has occupied the mental and even the influenced the emotional space, it offers incredible benefits to everyone. It provides the maximum advantage that allows us to join and collaborate with a number of people around the world. It releases up the chances to learn about new and significant issues and it authorize innovation in ways that were unbelievable just a few years ago.




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