Public Relations as a career Prospects and salary

Public Relations defines the relationship between the company and the public. If a person has great communication skills and is looking out for an opportunity to interact with people, public relations can be a great career option. Public relations as a career demands one to listen and understand the pscycology of others and mold it in his/her favour.


Role of Public Relations Professional

Public image has become very important in today’s day and age when marketing can make or break a company. The role of a PR becomes more significant when, in a crisis condition, the reputation of the organization or company is at stake. Public Relations Professionals get the work done by writing press releases, connecting key players at their client organization with the press for interviews, arranging press conferences and other events, composing web copy, and creating newsletters.


PR pros must have well-built writing, verbal, and presentation skills; must be well organized and detail-oriented, and also be self-confident and comfortable reaching out to others and having a solid aptitude for marketing can also be very helpful.


Eligibility Criteria:

After completing school, students can apply for a bachelor’s degree in mass communication and then apply for a master’s degree in public relations. Also, after graduation in any subject, you could pursue post-graduation in public relations.


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During the course of studying public relations, you will mostly cover topics like public relations techniques and principles, which will come in handy on the field and one can also learn how to write news releases, annual reports, speeches, and scripts and include elements like audio-visuals, graphics, and surveys to ensure that your company or organization remains in everyone’s good books.


Job and Pay Packet

Enormous job opportunities are available in both the private and public sectors organization. Career opportunities in these fields would depend on an individual’s area of specialization. Public relations professionals can find employment in various field like – corporate sector, public sector, government agencies, banks, hotels, tourist agencies, and other financial institutions, a private consultancy firm, etc. Job opportunities for public relations professionals are very promising in various industries if applicants have excellent communication skills and convincing abilities. Some of the most common roles within the public relations industry are Publicist, Copywriter, PR specialist, Social Media manager, and Spokesperson.


As a fresher an aspirant can expect a salary between 25,000 to 30,000 and after gaining some job experience one can earn as good as 50,000 per month.


The growth of advertising agencies that promote and support various events has been phenomenal over the past few decades. And there is always scope for working with PSUs and government organizations like PROs. One can also work for rich clients who want to maintain a good public profile. As a result, the market for PR professionals is desirable at this point in time.




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