Philosophy: Scope & Job Prospects

Philosophy derived from Greek words, philia(love) and sophia(wisdom), philosophia, “love of wisdom” was introduced by the Greek thinker Pythagoras. Philosophy is nothing but the study of issues pertraining to existence, knowledge, reason, mind, and language. Philosophy enables one to understand the relation between reality and experience. It also makes them to look out for answers to difficult and cryptic questions.For those who are looking out for a challenging career and has got a talent for intellectual debate and discourse,doing a course in philosophy will be the right choice. 


Philosophy offers wider options for those who are opting for it. Philosophy covers politics, logic, ethics, and religion.  


Skills required:

Critical thinking and problem-solving, communication skills and extensive study are the three prerequisites for this career path. Students of philosophy should be dexterous in understanding difficult matters and develop an analytical bent of mind for problem-solving from several perspectives. Clarity of expression in oral and written mode is a must along with persuasive and argumentative skills.


Academics: Eligibility criteria

To pursue Philosophy as a career, the completion of graduates or master’s degree is necessary. In order to pursue a bachelor’s degree, one must clear his/her higher secondary school certificate education from a recognized college. For further study one can do a master’s course in Philosophy and go for a Ph.D. or doctoral program.



1. B.A in Philosophy

2. B.A in philosophy(honors)

3. M.A in philosophy

4. M.A in philosophy(honors)

5. Ph.D. in philosophy


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Given below are some of the Arts colleges for philosophy:

1. St. Stephen College, Delhi

2. Madras Christian College, Chennai

3. Jamia Malia Islamia University, Delhi

4. St.Xavier’s College, Kolkata

5. Delhi University, Delhi

5. Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi


Career and Job prospects

An aspirant who completes their education with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Philosophy work in quite a number of avenues, both in India and abroad. One can look for a job in sectors ranging from a specialist in HR, interviewer, student affairs, social work, public service, consultant journalism, research, law, insurance, diplomacy, etc.  Students who have completed research on philosophy can go for teaching jobs in research institutes, universities and in colleges.


There are a lot of benefits of studying the subject, as a Philosopher one can develop reasoned arguments, will communicate effectively and also one will have the ability to speak, think and write more clearly. Philosophers are known to be creative and have original solutions to problems.




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