Unknown facts about Digital Learning

Digital learning can be defined as web-based learning which effectively makes use of the information technology to impart knowledge to the students. In fact, this has been introduced only a few years ago and has got a tremendous response from all over the world.

In 2016 Digital Education Survey revealed some interesting facts that forced the academic researchers and Learning & Development (L&D) professionals to explore the secrets which made digital learning so popular.

The survey also highlighted how technology is evolving the education, leading to a purely digital learning environment. The survey reports 42 percent of the instructors need at least one digital device in the classroom for everyday use; 75 percent of the trainers believed that textbooks will be replaced by digital learning material in future. It also highlighted that there is a steady increase in the number of students opting for digital device to be included in their learning.


Whatever the case is, now even the oldest school of print material, in several ways, has become a jumping off point for more web-based research. The similar context is seen in corporate. Businesses are trying to keep up with the latest eLearning trends. Many of them already have learning management software (LMS) and want to ensure that they are making the most of eLearning opportunities. So, what are the secrets behind the profound ways technology is influencing our learning scenarios and creating a rich digital learning environment? Read on the article to know.


Secret 1: The Collaboration is Like Never Before

Collaborative learning environment is probably the biggest secret behind digital learning craze. The role of technology in the learning includes connecting the data dots, capturing and reflecting the learners’ artifacts and helping the instructors and trainers personalize their teaching approaches. Digital learning creates teachers and trainers who are responsible for students’ or employees’ learning, both on an individual basis and from a distance. In digital learning, instructors flex their innovative muscles to determine the ways to design the material and make engaging interactions with learners, while encouraging them to collaborate with their peers. As per Career Unbound, digital learning increases employee engagement at the workplace by 18 percent.


Secret 2: The Readiness to 21st Century Demands

Digital learning puts a strong emphasis on teaching learners the 21st century techniques and skills, preparing them to be successful not just today, but also tomorrow. Digital learning lets instructors and trainers help learners easily and quickly acquire tech skills, develop critical thinking and next-level decision making. According to Growth Engineering, employees’ productivity increases by more than 43 percent when using any digital device for learning, in contrast to non-digital device users. Clearly, a correlation is found between the learners’ engagement and productivity, and the platforms or tools used for learning.


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Secret 3: Being Leveraged Upon Ever-increasing “Mobile”

Almost 83 percent of today’s millennials, including academic students, entry-level professionals as well as emerging entrepreneurs and managers, literally sleep with their mobile phones, while consumers are spending double of their time on mobile apps now than last two years. Facebook, for instance, discovered that majority of its users are coming from tablets and mobile phones and that those are engaging twice as much as laptop or desktop users, in terms of page views, consumption, and interaction. Digital learning repositions the entire learning and training strategy around mobile. The user-interface of most digital learning platform is being made mobile friendly, while digital learning apps are becoming a concrete addition to today’s LMS solutions. Doyen Marketing says that 8 percent of the businesses are currently using MOOCs, and the number is predicted to increase by 50 percent next year. These kinds of easily accessible courses not only promote learning but also bring more resources to the businesses for less money.


Secret 4: Personalization on Peak

In the era where customers are becoming more selective in their choices, learners’ preferences for learning approaches and technology used in learning environment, are also changing. Thanks to digital learning, having personalization as its core feature and one of the key secrets behind its success. This is because the learners are not of the same age and thus will never be at the same place physically, mentally and emotionally. With digital learning, learners get learning and training in a well-tailored way, with customized content, training techniques and even customized grading criteria and exams. Digital learning helps teachers and trainers to develop one-to-one training for each of the learners.


Secret 5: Digital Learning is Eco-friendly

Well, this is the secret that most of the people often miss out to realize. According to the study conducted by The Open University, eLearning courses use 90 percent less energy than the conventional learning as they don’t need travel or paper documentation. Hence, in other words, eLearning courses are eco-friendly.


So, these were the 5 top secrets about digital learning. With higher flexibility, lower cost, and being eco-friendly, digital learning is the key trend to be followed by more businesses in future. Which of these secrets stunned you the most? Write your comments to share.


Courtesy: eLearning Learning


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