Benefits of Career Assessment Tests

Even after choosing a preferred course, many students find themselves at crossroads as to what they want to do in their lives and most of them dont find placements of their choice. Many even find it difficult to choose their career path. To overcome this, there are many career assessment tools available in the market that are especially made for students so as to guide and place them in a perfect career.


In this article let us discuss in detail about career assessments, its importance, types and their benefits.


What is career assessment?


Career assessment is the evaluation process of an individual’s personal attributes like skills and expertise, interests, motivations, values, and personality traits for helping them to find a suitable career. It is a test of measurement of an individual’s potential to play a critical role in a particular job position. These tests have already made successful impacts in developing careers of many individuals and are mostly used by university career enhancement centers, career counselors, outsourcing companies, private human resource staffs, career coaches, and vocational rehabilitation counselors.


Why is career assessment important?


Career assessments provide transparent and in-depth results, based on which an individual gets an answer to what occupations are best fitted according to its skills, the ideal environment in which it should work, how should the individual communicate with others, what are the strengths and weaknesses of the individual, and most importantly and a thorough analysis of its passion.


Types of career assessments


Following are the most important and popular types of career assessment tests –

1. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) – Myers-Birggs Type Indicator has already helped individuals for over 50 years in finding career opportunities by systematic personality analysis. Its creator, Katharine Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers formulated the test using Carl Jung’s (Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst) personality research. This test helps professionals to find areas of strengths and weaknesses and henceforth allow them to determine well-matched careers. The test is done depending on several characteristics like extroversion, introversion, sensing, intuition, feeling, perceiving, thinking and judging. Then it presents the results and allows individuals to determine their matching work environments and conditions.


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2. Keirsey Temperament Sorter (KTS) – This test is created by David Keirsey to evaluate psychological and personality results. The test has four unique temperament features – idealists, guardians, artisans and rationals, and in these four different temperaments, there are eight types of roles and other exclusive variants. After analyzing temperament characteristics, KTS determines perfect career paths that are capable of immense personal growth and career success. It is different from MBTI, as MBTI presents result on an individual’s thinking pattern, whereas KTS delivers result on behavioral observations, which makes KTS more reliable. KTS also helps to bring out how an individual’s productivity of work is affected by work environments.


3. Strong Interest Inventory – Strong Interest Inventory was created in 1927 by E.K. Strong, Jr., who was an Emeritus Professor of Applied Psychology at Stanford University and had specialized in organizational psychology and career theory and development. It is a psychological career assessment test and includes 291 questions for determination of professional and personality interests. This test can be taken by any graduating student and professionals and also by school students. Based on results of tests on conventional, realistic, investigative, artistic, social and enterprising traits, a student selects its career path.


Benefits of career assessment tests


Career assessment tests help an individual to limit the numbers of its career choices and help the individual to determine unlocked skills. The results are useful for aligning an individual’s career according to its talents and personal goals. A career assessment test assists an individual who has unorganized skill sets to realize the value of its unexplored skills. The mentioned tests in this article are different and unique and make an individual to make worthy career decisions.




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