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NCTE may introduce JEE for BEd admission

The Council’s prime focus is to streamline the placement process to merge the demand-supply gap of BEd graduates.


To maintain an ideal 1:28 student-teacher ratio, the country needs 3 lakh trained teachers every year with an average of 30 years of service to teach 26 crore school students. However, the supply of BEd graduates is surplus, where 19 lakh students are enrolling in teacher training institutes every year.


The National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) is set to firm up on several decisions to resolve the demand-supply mismanagement of BEd graduates. “Since the Right to Education (RTE) Act was implemented in 2009, there has been a miscalculation in the demand for teachers, which has led to the mushrooming of teacher training institutes and degradation of quality, as the supply overshot the demand for several years,” says Satbir Bedi, chairperson, NCTE.


The Council may introduce an all India level entrance exam for teacher education programmes to filter out the diligent students with an aptitude to become teachers. Similar to the AICTE, the NCTE may also consider shutting down teacher training institutes if they fail to improve in the next few years.


“Revising the entry-level check is crucial and an entrance exam may be introduced soon,” says Bedi, while talking to Education Times. She adds that the Council will focus on equipping the teachers with the skills required to teach in schools abroad.


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“There are several global schools in different countries that require Indian teachers and subjects such as Math, English and Science see no geographical boundary. We would create a platform for sharing of best practices, replicable methodologies and regular interaction to prepare the teachers for global exposure,” she says.


A one-year BEd in Counselling course is under process, which will train the graduates to deal with psychological and career issues related to school students. “It is becoming imperative to have a counsellor in every school. The course will be pragmatic and application-based,” adds Bedi.


Apart from the availability of theoretical knowledge, the teacher training system is not equipped to train the graduates to deal with students with learning disabilities. “In 2015, a guideline for learning disabilities was issued, but it will take time for the system to become inclusive. The BEd in Counselling curriculum might have a few aspects to tackle the issue of learning disabilities and promote inclusive education,” adds Bedi.


Courtesy: TOI


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