How can Students Benefit from MOOCs

Today, most Schools and Colleges still follow the archaic methods of learning. They have fixed schedule classes, subjects, and professors and even though the number of schools and colleges has multiplied over the years, educational institutes still lack when it comes to offering diverse courses. With today’s generation already recognizing the need to transform the education system, they do not suppress any thoughts or opportunities of learning an additional subject that may not be provided by their college or university or any course they couldn’t take up due to insufficient time. Students are much more inclined towards enhancing their skills along with regular education.


With the internet rapidly transforming the way how people interact, it has also affected the way people learn. Massive Open Online Courses are platforms where students from all over the world can the vast and diverse courses conducted by professors of recognized institutes from all across the work. Since MOOC courses can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, they allow the learner to make efficient use of time to add up the knowledge to their basics, concerning the subjects they want to study in the college, and also provide them information about the subject before enrolling into the college. People living in any country can take MOOC classes since it is a global platform of education, and also, it is available in various languages like English, Chinese, French or Arabic thus allowing the learner to engage easily within the course.


With more than 900 universities that have launched online courses and they are available all around the world and by the end of 2018, the number of students registered for MOOC had exceeded 100 million. Some of the renowned MOOC platforms today are edX, Coursera / United States, Udacity, FutureLearn, NovoED, Iversity, Canvas Network, SWAYAM, XuetangX, and EduOpen. With employers looking for enhanced skills in their future employees, such MOOCs may help them in excelling in their area of interest. Whether it is an engineering student who is keen on learning Marketing courses or a literature student who is interested in Finance, MOOC bridges the gap. The individual need not worry about missing out anything.


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In case any student drops out of college due to any reason, MOOC is a great educational opportunity for such students to continue their studies and complete their education to get a stable job. Such soft skills courses not just add to the career of an individual but also open a new window of opportunities for the learners. Even if the students are working they can be extremely benefited by MOOC classes because MOOC helps the working students get higher education easily, also, this helps them learn any course that add value to their profile which may develop or improve their working skills with the certificates awarded after completing the courses.


MOOC saves time and money as the courses are affordable or mostly free of cost. Some of the renowned MOOC platforms are EdX, Coursera, Udacity, ARI Campus, IAI Academy, and FutureLearn. MOOC courses are open to all irrespective of any class or society. By this, there will not be any boundaries in learning and the person can study or learn without any complexity. While MOOCs are not a replacement of regular courses, they are definitely transforming the way education is conveyed.




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