IITG transforming itself into a green campus

IIT Guwahati (IITG) is moving ahead as one of the top 10 engineering institutes in the country, transforming itself into a green campus with over six thousand students and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Statistics revealed by the premier technology institute said that buildings occupy 31 percent of the campus, while 14 percent is occupied by water bodies and the rest of the campus is under green cover including the hillocks, allowing its residents to breathe in clean and fresh air.


Almost 93 acres of the 704 acres of the campus are covered by lakes and water bodies, while most open spaces have been turned into manicured lawns through the plantation of different species of trees such as cashew nut, Ashoka, Arjun, Eucalyptus, Areca Palm, Foxtail Palm, Bakul, Nahor, Sissoo, Krishnasura and Radhasura, several varieties of Bamboo, aquatic plants and many more.

“The campus of IIT Guwahati is truly blessed to be set up in the midst of nature’s bounty, within the close proximity of the mighty Brahmaputra river. The lush green ambiance of the campus has several mountains, lakes, natural streams, forests, various botanical, orchid, medicinal, tea gardens and all kinds of wildlife as vital part of its existence. The rich and varied green landscape of IIT Guwahati continues to serve as a rich source of inspiration to take up the dynamic challenges that exist in the development and implementation of green and sustainable technologies of coexistence and flourishing,” said IITG director TG Sitharam.


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IITG, being one of the foremost technological institutions in India, he said has a key role to play in fostering the concept of sustainable green solutions.

Rupam Bhaduri, a research scholar from the centre for environment at IITG said that the campus has become home to several winter and summer migratory and local birds, some of which are endangered or near threatened as per the International Union for Conservation of Nature. 

“Some of the common sightings at the institute are that of vulnerable birds including the Common Pochard, near threatened birds such as the Ferruginous Duck, Himalayan Griffon, Oriental Darter, and Red-Breasted Parakeet. One can also spot the endangered Greater Adjutant in the campus. Some of the other birds that visit the campus include the Oriental pied Hornbill, Purple Sunbird, Greater Flameback, Stork-billed Kingfisher, Eurasian Moorhen and many more,” he said.


One would find oneself chancing upon different types of ornamental and medicinal plants, orchids, shrubs and hedges, mushrooms during a stroll through the campus, left with the rare, yet profound feeling of being in the fragile harmony of nature.


One of the institute clubs, “Prakriti”, comprising of young environment enthusiasts has been playing an instrumental role in ensuring the harmony with nature preserving and protecting the nature’s bounty. The members of the club devise technological solutions aimed at addressing environmental challenges of the day and conservation and monitoring. Several initiatives of the club seek to sensitize the people to adopt environment-friendly behaviour including inter alia plantation drives, eco walks, energy audits on campus, observing earth hour, interactive sessions with leading ecologists and conservationists, plastic free initiatives and many more. The student activities largely stem from their sense of right to enjoy and moral responsibility to preserve the natural resources. 


At the institute level, several green and clean initiatives such as use of renewable energy across the campus, rainwater harvesting into natural lakes and ponds, grey water reusing initiatives, vermicomposting, waste segregation and recycling have been taken up in a major way.


The bridge over one of the inland lakes at the campus is a popular spot for the students to unwind in the evenings, as the lights over the water offer a sense of calm and relaxation. The hidden gem at the campus is what is known as the ‘viewpoint’, which as the name suggests is where one goes for a panoramic view of the institute, the mighty Brahmaputra river and the Guwahati city.


Courtesy: TOI


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